• Suspicious deaths in ward, former Lugo nurse acquitted

  • Dead of Lugo, the Supreme Court cancels the acquittal for the nurse.

    Process to be redone

  • Lugo, the nurse accused of the murder of a patient acquitted on appeal.

    The fact does not exist

  • Dead in Lugo: two suspects for complicity in voluntary homicide

  • Nurse accused of the death of a patient from the Lugo hospital: 93 deaths during her shifts

  • Lugo di Romagna, nurse accused of patient death: investigation closed.

    Immediate judgment requested


September 18, 2020 "Cancellation with postponement": this is the request of the Deputy Attorney General of the Cassation, Perla Lori, during the hearing in Piazza Cavour for the story involving Daniela Poggiali, the former nurse at the Umberto I hospital in Lugo, in Ravenna, accused of having killed a 78-year-old patient, Rosa Calderoni, who died on 8 April 2014 with a lethal injection of potassium chloride. Only the lawyers of the parties were present at the hearing: those of the former nurse, Gaetano Insolera and Lorenzo Valgimigli;

those of the civil action, the lawyer Marco Martines for the victim's children, Manuela and Viviano Alci, and Giovanni Scudellari representing the Ausl Romagna.

The pg of the Cassation, in front of the judges of the Fifth Criminal Section (chaired by Paolo Antonio Bruno), in practice asked to annul the acquittal of the former nurse and to start a new appeal judgment.

It would be the third, just in case.

Poggiali was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first degree (March 2016) and acquitted on appeal in July 2017. Exactly one year later the Supreme Court decided to cancel the acquittal by ordering a new second degree judgment.

A proceeding that ended on May 23, 2019 with a new acquittal for the former nurse of the Ausl Romagna, disbarred from the register of professionals, at the end of a disciplinary procedure that ended in 2017, for the shock photos that they portrayed her smiling next to a corpse. 

The Supreme Court is therefore now called to rule on the request of the Public Prosecutor of Bologna to annul the sentence of Appeal bis with which the former nurse from Lugo was acquitted - "because the fact does not exist".

The stoats will have to decide whether to accept the appeal with the prospect of a new appeal (ter) or reject it by confirming the acquittal that would put an end to a long and tortuous judicial affair.