On September 14, Xi Jinping held an "online" meeting with the leaders of Germany and the European Union.

  Special period and special arrangement.

Since the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has made “online diplomacy” using video and telephone channels as a normal state in countries around the world.

In “online diplomacy”, Xi Jinping deepened the cooperation between China and other countries in various ways of communication, injecting confidence into the international community in fighting the epidemic, restoring the economy, and safeguarding justice, demonstrating China's role as a major power in the new era.

1. The determination to unite and cooperate will never waver

  "China will continue to fully support the African side's anti-epidemic action", "China has always been concerned about the Uruguayan people's fight against the epidemic", "Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, China and the EU have supported and helped each other"... During the online interaction, Xi Jinping continued to convey his sincere friendship with China.

  Talking about the global fight against the epidemic, Xi Jinping put forward four proposals at the special summit of the leaders of the G20-resolutely fight the global battle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, effectively carry out international joint prevention and control, actively support the role of international organizations, and strengthen the international Macroeconomic policy coordination.

  Talking about China-EU relations, Xi Jinping emphasized during a video meeting with the leaders of the European Union in Germany, "The more we face this situation, the more we must firmly grasp the general direction of mutual support, solidarity and cooperation, and the more we must unswervingly promote China and Europe. The comprehensive strategic partnership develops in a healthy and stable manner".

  Talking about China-Africa relations, Xi Jinping reiterated at the China-Africa Unity Anti-epidemic Summit: “China cherishes China-Africa traditional friendship. No matter how the international situation changes, China’s determination to strengthen China-Africa unity and cooperation will never waver.”

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Xi Jinping's diplomatic schedule has maintained a frequent rhythm.

To express gratitude and support, to convey friendship and confidence, to advocate unity and cooperation, to promote stable and progressive relations between China and major powers, to deepen the integration of interests with neighboring countries, to build friendship with developing countries, and to firmly defend multilateralism, Xi Jinping’s “online” "Diplomacy" has continuously tightened the bond of cooperation between China and other countries in the world.

2. Unswervingly expand opening up

  At present, economic globalization is facing a countercurrent, and unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise.

Closed or open?

Confrontation or cooperation?

Humans stand at a new crossroads.

The international community is very concerned about what China does.

  "We must not be hindered by headwinds and turning back waves. We must stand on the right side of history and unswervingly expand opening to the outside world." "We must seek common development with all countries in the world in the spirit of openness, cooperation and win-win."

Since the beginning of this year, Xi Jinping has declared China's determination to continue opening up to the outside world on many different occasions.

  do as promised.

In early September, China overcame the impact of the epidemic and held a service trade fair, attracting 18,000 companies and institutions and 100,000 people from 148 countries and regions.

On September 14, China and the EU announced the signing of the "China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement", confirming to speed up the negotiation of the China-EU Investment Agreement and to achieve the goal of completing the negotiations within the year.

China and the EU have decided to establish a high-level dialogue on the environment and climate and a high-level dialogue in the digital field to forge a China-EU green partnership and digital partnership.

  "China is committed to gradually forming a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles mutually promoting each other."

Xi Jinping expounded China's major strategic deployment in this way during a meeting with the leaders of the European Union in Germany.

So, how should we understand the "domestic cycle as the main body"?

In this regard, Xi Jinping has specifically explained: "With the domestic cycle as the main body, it is by no means a closed door to operate, but through the potential of domestic demand, the domestic market and the international market are better connected, and the international and domestic markets are better utilized. Two markets and two resources to achieve stronger and more sustainable development."

3. Building a community with a shared future for mankind

  "Community with a shared future for mankind" is a key word frequently mentioned by Xi Jinping in the "epidemic" of the global war.

  Xi Jinping knows well that “viruses know no borders or races, and all mankind can only be defeated by working together.” In the face of a sudden and severe epidemic, China is not only responsible for the safety and health of the Chinese people, but also for the global public Responsible health services.

We initiated the emergency humanitarian operation with the most concentrated assistance and the widest scope since the founding of the People's Republic of China, injecting continuous impetus into global epidemic prevention and control.

  At the opening ceremony of the 73rd World Health Assembly video conference, Xi Jinping announced China's five major measures to promote global anti-epidemic cooperation and called for "jointly building a human health community."

  At the China-Africa Unity Anti-epidemic Special Summit, Xi Jinping put forward a series of measures to aid Africa, such as “continue to provide material assistance to African countries, dispatch medical expert teams, and assist Africans in purchasing anti-epidemic materials in China”, and clearly stated: The politicization of the epidemic, the labelling of the virus, oppose racial discrimination and ideological prejudice, and firmly defend international fairness and justice."

  When meeting the President of the European Council Michel and the President of the European Commission Von der Lein by video, Xi Jinping solemnly declared: "No matter how the international situation changes, China will stand on the side of multilateralism and adhere to the global governance of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. View."

  "In the era of economic globalization, such major emergencies will not be the last, and various traditional and non-traditional security issues will continue to bring new tests. The international community must establish a sense of a community with a shared future for mankind, help each other, and work together to respond. Risks and challenges, to build a better home for the earth."

What Xi Jinping said in a telephone conversation with UN Secretary-General Guterres on March 12 is very meaningful.

  Li Jianguang