China News Service, September 17th. According to the US "World Journal" report, on the 16th local time, US President Trump joined the congressional debate on the new crown epidemic relief bill. He accused Republican allies of too little bailout amount and encouraged The two parties have expanded the bill to include a relief check of $1,200 to most Americans.

  According to reports, on the 16th local time, Trump criticized the $500 billion bailout bill proposed by the Republican Party in the Senate. This bill does not include a $300 billion second round of bailout checks, which is an important task for the White House.

  Trump stated that he wants Americans to get a bailout check and that an agreement is "close to being reached."

Data map: US President Trump.

  However, due to the different positions of the two parties, negotiations on the new crown epidemic relief bill have stalled, and there is no sign of when the White House and Congressional Democrats will resume talks.

  The Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi said that any of the current proposals is more than another round of "Trump checks."

She said, "They just want the president's name to be written on the check. That's all he cares about."

  The report said that the potential fifth round of the new crown epidemic relief bill will extend the additional unemployment benefits to replace the additional $600 weekly unemployment allowance due at the end of July.

  The report pointed out that the atmosphere of cooperation between the two parties to reach a $2 trillion bailout bill in March no longer exists. Many Republicans are concerned about deficits and debts, worrying that this is just another agreement brokered by Pelosi; following the talks To advance, the smaller the amount of the Senate Republican proposal, the further away from the Democratic goal.

  Recently, the cross-party House Problem Solvers Caucus of the House of Representatives signed a $1.5 trillion bill, which was praised by White House Chief of Staff Meadows on September 16.

  But McCarthy, the minority leader of the House of Representatives, said: "We have to understand the content, but I think it's a bit difficult (to pass the bill)."