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On the front page of the press, reactions to the speech yesterday by Ursula von der Leyen on the state of the European Union.

Despite the health and economic crisis, the President of the European Commission is showing her optimism and voluntarism - an attitude deemed "salutary" by

Le Soir

, even if the Belgian daily reports "serious doubts" about the ability of the 27 "to accelerate. reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reviewing the migration pact, or even creating an agency capable of avoiding shortages of medical equipment, while the same are today unable to jointly manage the red zones, orange and green of the Covid.

Also incapable of dividing up the 12,000 migrants from the burned-out Moria camp other than as apothecaries ”.

"New start for Europe": the

Rheinische Post

emphasizes the ambitious announcements in terms of reducing greenhouse gases, which may however put a little more pressure on a German automobile industry, already severely impacted by the conversion to electric and the Covid crisis. 19.

The Italian newspaper

La Repubblica

insists on Ursula von der Leyen's desire to abolish the Dublin Pact and replace it with a new European regulation on migration - a more united system, to further relieve the countries on the front line arrival of migrants, Italy, Greece and Malta.

In Germany, the Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia announced yesterday the dismissal of 29 police officers, for having disseminated far-right propaganda on the internet.

“Is there an extreme right-wing problem in the police?”:

Der Taggesspiegel

reports “increasing pressure” in Germany to “take a closer look at police across the country”.

The newspaper, which specifies that the messages exchanged on Whatsapp by the dismissed police officers showed portraits of Adolf Hitler, images of refugees in gas chambers and shootings of dark-skinned people, recalls that nearly 170 investigations have been opened in Germany for five years against police officers accused of links with the extreme right, more than 80 of them implicating Berlin police.

In France, three unions are calling for a strike today to defend "wages, jobs, and working conditions".

According to


, the mobilization also intends to denounce "companies which accelerate their social plans under the pretext of the pandemic".

“We knew the stock market layoffs, where employee misfortune is used to skyrocket shareholders' assets.

Here are now the Covid layoffs, where the virus is used as a screen to dismiss people with a vengeance ”.

“The redundancies of large groups are attracting political and media attention.

However, layoffs in small businesses risk doing even more damage, "warns


, where Kak's cartoon shows a female passenger on a bus complaining that" services are back. engorged ”, and that they“ border on panic ”.

“Are you working at the hospital?” His neighbor asks him.

"A pole job", she corrects ...

In France, too, the Court of Cassation yesterday dismissed a transgender woman, who seeks to be recognized as the mother of her daughter.


Huffington Post

details the journey of this woman, born male 51 years ago, before being officially recognized as a woman on her marital status in 2011. This woman naturally had a daughter with her wife, three years later, in 2014, because at the time, she had not yet been operated on and therefore still had her male organs… this woman has since been asking to be recognized as the mother of her daughter, which has always been refused to her - a situation considered inconsistent ” by his defense, which emphasizes that the complainant is "recognized as a father on the civil status certificate of her daughter ... while she is a woman for civil status".

His lawyers announced yesterday their intention to lodge an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights.


Huffington Post

, which reports on another very thorny but much less dramatic debate.

If I ask you where the giraffe, the animal, should wear its bow tie, you will probably find it difficult to answer me and I understand you.

Because the answer to this question is very delicate and agitates, in any case, the social networks, very followers of very capital questions, like the fact of knowing "how a dog should wear pants" or "how a shark should play harmonica ”- not easy with all those teeth.

Regarding the giraffe's bow tie, everyone has their own idea, a user explaining for example on


that for him the bow tie is more "aesthetic" when he is at the top, even if the real answer, according to him, is rather at the bottom, because “you have to imagine the giraffe with a shirt collar”.

And you what do you think ? 

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