In addition, in connection with the controversy over the so-called'commentation of Ahn Jung-geun' by a Democratic Party spokesman, Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae said, "I emphasized that I followed Doctor Ahn Jung-geun because he was faithful to the military service until the end even though my son was sick."

Today (17th), in a questionnaire to the government of the National Assembly, Minister Chu Mi-ae was asked about the commentary of the'spirit of Ahn Jung-geun' in relation to his son's suspicion of returning to military leave.

Yesterday (16th) Democratic Party Congressman Park Seong-joon said, "It is the duty of a soldier to dedicate himself to the country (dedicating one's body for the country)." "I did it" in the name of the spokesperson in the hospital brought a fierce criticism.

The Democratic Party, in response to the criticism that the Ahn Jung-geun comment was inappropriate, deleted the part and sent the comment again, and Park Sung-jun, a spokesman in the hospital, also tried hard to evolve the situation, saying, "I am sorry for raising water."

However, when asked today that Rep. Kim Sang-hoon, the power of the people, made a comment saying that he practiced the admiration of the'virtual devotion soldier' ​​by comparing his son to Doctor Ahn Jung-geun, Do you agree? "I replied.

Minister Chu added, "I am not likening my son directly to doctor Ahn Jung-geun, but please do not put down my son's work in extreme terms such as'emperor service' or'deathlon' that is too exaggerated or defamatory."

Meanwhile, Minister Chu reaffirmed that "Neither I nor my husband have made any complaints to the Ministry of Defense."

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