International flights from Wuhan, China, where Corona 19 first spread, resumed after eight months.

The first destination was Korea.

China is confident that it is possible to get the corona vaccine as early as November this year.

Correspondent Kim Ji-sung delivered this information from Beijing.

<Reporter> An

international airliner arrives at Tianhe Airport in Wuhan, China.

It's been eight months since the airport was blocked by Corona 19 in January.

Incheon Airport was the departure of this airliner.

60 people, including Koreans and Chinese, were on board.

[Yang Ji-young: This is my first time coming out of (Wuhan) in November.

(Daughter) This time, I entered Wuhan University, and this is my first time going.]

Three hours later, this airliner picked up passengers in Wuhan and returned to Incheon.

This is the only international flight that left Wuhan Airport today (16th), and it is the first flight to Korea as China resumed international flights to Wuhan.

[Kang Seung-seok/Consul General of Korea in Wuhan: The quarantine measures that Korea has been taking have achieved considerable results, and trust (of China) has been built up...


China announced that there were no confirmed cases in the mainland on the 31st until today.

We were confident that we are also leading the way in the development of COVID-19 vaccines around the world.

Five out of the nine vaccines that went into the final phase 3 clinical trial were made in China, and it was revealed that the general public can get the vaccine as early as November.

[Uguijeon / Chief Expert of the Center for Disease Control in China: (When can the general public get the vaccine?) It is possible around November or December.

(Phase 3 clinical trials) are progressing very well.]

However, the possibility of spreading Corona 19 remains, as China

continues to show

70 asymptomatic infections that are not included in the confirmed cases.

(Video coverage: Choi Deok-hyeon·Park Hyun-cheol, Video editing: Jung Yong-hwa, CG: Jang Seong-beom) 

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