U.S. Under Secretary of State Lee Teng-hui, former President of the United States, attends the farewell ceremony on September 17 at 7:36

The Trump administration in the United States has announced that the Under Secretary of State will visit Taiwan to attend the farewell ceremony for former Taiwanese President Mori Terumoto, who died in July.

Since the diplomatic relations with Taiwan 41 years ago, it has been visited by the highest-ranking State Department officials, and it seems that the aim is to restrain China, which is increasing pressure on Taiwan.

The US State Department has announced that Under Secretary of State Crack, who is in charge of economic and energy policy, will visit Taiwan to attend the farewell ceremony of former Taiwanese President Lee Toki on the 16th and 19th.

The State Department said of this visit, "We pay tribute to the legacy of former President Lee by maintaining strong ties with Taiwan and sharing political and economic values."

In addition, this visit is expected to discuss with the Taiwanese authorities the establishment of a new framework for economic dialogue to strengthen cooperation in the fields of semiconductors, medical care, and energy.

The Trump administration has passed the "Taiwan Travel Law" to encourage mutual exchange of high-ranking officials, and last month, Secretary of Health and Welfare Other visited Taiwan as the highest-ranking official since 1979, when diplomatic relations were cut off. We are strengthening our ties with Taiwan.

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Crack will be the highest-ranking official visiting Taiwan as the State Department since the diplomatic ties, and the Trump administration aims to restrain China from increasing pressure on Taiwan for unification. It seems to be there.

Welcome to the visit of a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a comment on the visit of Under Secretary of State Crack to Taiwan on the early morning of the 17th, welcoming it as the visit of the highest-ranking State Department official since the 1979 diplomatic relations with the United States.

According to the announcement, Under Secretary of State Crack will attend the farewell ceremony of former President Lee Teng-hui, meet with President Tsai Ing-wen, and discuss with Taiwanese authorities over strengthening economic cooperation.

Regarding this visit to Taiwan by senior U.S. officials following Secretary of Health and Welfare last month, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "It shows that the United States attaches great importance to relations with Taiwan," and expressed hope for further strengthening of relations. I am.

Chinese government spokesman "Do not allow interference"

At a press conference on the 16th, spokesman Ma Xiaokou of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Taiwan Affairs Office, which is in charge of the Taiwan issue in the Chinese government, said, "The Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs and we will not allow outside forces to interfere. Calls on us to stop developing formal exchanges with Taiwan in any way. "