Ogul explained that the introduction of excise tax will help control the situation with illegal production of tobacco products.

“This is not an essential commodity: it is not bread or milk.

There is an illegal production of tobacco products, which needs to be erected so that counterfeit products do not come from the “black market”, ”the deputy said.

According to the parliamentarian, in the implementation of such an initiative, it is important to track its long-term effect on the economy of the tobacco sector.

“It is important that experts calculate how this market will work: how much will go into the shadows, how much will be legal, whether the excise tax will be paid honestly.

The goal is to replenish the budget and fill it for social needs, ”Ogul added.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Finance of Russia has prepared a draft amendment to the Tax Code, according to which in 2021 the excise tax rate on cigarettes will be 2359 rubles per 1,000 pieces, and on vapes and electronic cigarettes the rate will increase to 60 rubles per piece.