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new governor of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in Japan will officially become Japanese Prime Minister today (16th). With the end of the Abe regime that lasted for 7 years and 8 months, attention is being paid to whether a new era can be opened for Korea-Japan relations.

This is Tokyo's correspondent Yoo Seong-jae.


Japan's Liberal Democratic Party Governor Suga was elected as Prime Minister Abe's successor at the extraordinary National Assembly this afternoon.

A little later, when the appointment letter is received from Emperor Naruhito, the "Suga Cabinet" will be officially launched.

In a cabinet member that attracted attention, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Labor was appointed as the Minister of Public Affairs, who serves as a government spokesman as Lee In in the Prime Minister's official residence.

The Kato Welfare Prize is interpreted as a stability-oriented person in that he has been the Minister of Defense for nearly three years and has been in charge of corona countermeasures.

The Suga cabinet also retained eight ministers of the Abe cabinet, including Aso Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, and Foreign Minister Motegi, to make the color of the Abe succession distinct.

Prime Minister Abe's younger brother, House of Representatives Nobuo Kishi, was nominated for the Defense Award, and the Defense Minister Kono moved to the position in charge of administrative reform.

After yesterday, Governor Suga was fully aware of the major factions in the party in the composition of the cabinet, following the members of the Liberal Democratic Party.

It is evaluated that the image of a'working cabinet' focusing on solving pending issues such as corona response and economic regeneration, but in detail, taking care of not only factions but also personal connections, had in mind the stabilization of the initial launch.