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16th, the National Assembly held a personnel hearing for candidate Seo-wook. Even at this meeting, the suspicion of preferential treatment for the son of Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae was intensively raised by opposition lawmakers, and the ruling party defended that it was not a preferential treatment.

This is reporter Kim Soo-young.

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this morning's hearing on the candidates for the defense minister, Candidate Seo Wook said he was sorry for causing concern to the public over the allegations of preferential treatment to the son of Justice Minister Chu Mi-ae.

Subsequently, the candidate stated that there were various shortcomings and administrative problems in the military, and that he would try to prevent the military from shrinking, including the issue of guaranteeing the medical rights of soldiers.

In addition, the candidate added that, based on mutual respect and consideration, as well as guaranteeing the human rights of the soldiers, we will establish the Englishization of autonomy and responsibility.

However, from the beginning, the opposition parties clashed over suspicion of preferential treatment for the son of Minister Choo Mi-ae.

The opposition party claimed that the sick leave of Minister Chu's son was a preferential treatment, and in a similar situation, the candidate was driven by reports from reserve soldiers who were unable to obtain additional sick leave.

The ruling party was confronted that it was not a preferential treatment, saying that there have been more than 3,000 cases in which the Army extended vacations over the phone over the past four years.

In response, the candidate stated that vacation is difficult to evaluate here as the commander's judgment area.