China News Service, September 16 According to foreign media reports, on the 15th, American firefighters launched a comprehensive rescue operation on the ground and in the air to avoid wildfire damage to the 116-year-old Mount Wilson Observatory and adjacent signal towers.

On that day, the wildfire "Lynx" had spread to a distance of about 152 meters from the Mount Wilson Observatory.

  According to reports, the Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman David Dantice said on the 15th that the wildfire, known as the "Lynx", had spread to about 500 feet (152 meters) from the Mount Wilson Observatory during the day.

Data map: The picture shows local time September 9th, smog shrouded the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.

  Since the "Lynx" fire erupted on September 6, it has spread to about 41,000 acres of land in the San Gabriel Mountains. The smoke and volcanic ash produced have spread to most of the greater Los Angeles area in more than a week. It also forced multiple communities at the foot of San Gabriel Mountain to evacuate.

  As of the 15th, no buildings have been damaged by the fire, but forest workers have managed to draw a line of isolation around the "Lynx".

At present, the fire is gradually approaching Mount Wilson.

  According to the report, on the evening of the 14th local time, officials of the Mount Wilson Observatory said on the social network that the fire was "knocking on the door" and that all observatory personnel had been evacuated.

On the 15th, Los Angeles National Forest said on social networking sites: "Firefighters are already in place" and are ready to "fight" with the fire.

  According to reports, in addition to the iconic buildings of the observatory, there are several signal towers on the top of Mount Wilson, which are also threatened by fire.

Dantic said: "The main infrastructure used for radio, television and cell phone towers may be disrupted."