While the Covid-19 epidemic is experiencing a clear revival in Portugal, the authorities have just renewed their anticipation strategy by taking drastic measures, which has until then rather proved its worth in the face of the first wave of the epidemic .


The coronavirus epidemic continues to gain ground in France.

More than 8,000 new infections in the last 24 hours and increasing hospitalizations and resuscitations, but the acceleration of the circulation of the virus is crossing borders.

Especially in Portugal where the situation is tense.

On Friday, the figure of 687 new cases in twenty-four hours raised all alarms.

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Tuesday, September 15

Faced with this strong comeback of the Covid, the authorities have just approved new security measures, applying the same anticipatory strategy as in March, when the country only had about ten cases of contagion.

Groups of up to ten people, extended supermarket hours or even bars closing at 9 p.m. in certain neighborhoods.

Report in Lisbon. 

In the Portuguese capital, the aim is to act quickly if the situation worsens because the Portuguese hospital system cannot afford to be overloaded.

Brand new respirators were seen on the tarmac at Lisbon airport and the image was widely circulated on the internet does not tell the whole truth.

If the Portuguese hospital system has stocked up on equipment, it is still sorely lacking in men.

"It will be difficult for the hospital to provide an adequate response"

With the recent increase in cases, epidemiologist Rcardo Becia does not hide his concern.

"Each winter it is already difficult for the system to cope with the increase in demand. So we are worried this year. Between the usual flu and the pandemic it will be difficult for the hospital to provide an adequate response", warns the specialist.

The new restrictions are therefore very widely accepted by the Portuguese.

Caution is all the more important, says Maria, at the entrance to her building, since the population is aging.

"We must act in advance to avoid a disaster. For example in this building, out of seven owners, there are five who are over 70 years old. We know that the elderly are more vulnerable to the virus", emphasizes the Lisbon woman. .


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While waiting to see if the new measures are enough to slow the progression of the virus.

Doctors have only one obsession: to test as many people as possible.