The worrying situation in Gironde has prompted the prefecture to solemnly ask its inhabitants not to gather with more than ten people.

Along with these injunctions, a finding that transport users in the Bordeaux metropolitan area have in common when going to work: there are often too many people on the buses and trams to respect the distances.


Stuck tight in transport.

Anyone who goes to work during rush hour in big cities knows this hassle.

Except that in the midst of the spread of Covid-19, this poses problems of distance.

This is the case in Bordeaux, where the city has taken more severe precautionary measures.

But residents deplore having to take risks. 

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Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Wednesday September 16

"We all find ourselves clumped together, the distance is no longer respected. I purposely walk for half an hour to arrive at another stop where there is less crowd. Limit I will go home on foot ...", laments an exasperated resident.

A generalized total incomprehension for these inhabitants of the Bordeaux metropolis while gatherings of more than ten people, in the gardens and on the quays, are now prohibited.

"Nothing is in place for our safety"

As a result, at rush hour, buses and trams are often crowded.

"There are no more trams passing. With the start of the school year, the resumption of university courses, people returning to work ... We are asked to make great efforts but in the end nothing is put. in place for our safety ", relates another Bordeaux resident.

"They say to condemn every other place, to keep a distance of one meter, but people do not necessarily respect because they are always pressed for time," he adds.


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The president of the Bordeaux metropolis, Alain Anziani, assures us that a plan is being studied to rapidly improve the supply of transport.

"We are going to use more means of transport, but it is complicated because we have a scarcity of resources, drivers and equipment. We will undoubtedly use more buses to diversify the offer", announces the elected, who more than ever encourages the inhabitants of Bordeaux to favor cycling.