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Three similar robberies in half an hour, to elderly people with great violence, from behind and within a radius of 600 meters.

This is how a multi-recurring thief, 19 years old and Algerian nationality, acted last September 12 in the morning when in a short time he attacked three old men to take away gold chains and pendants that they were wearing and swallow a jewel when he fled from the Mossos d ' Esquadra who had just been caught assaulting a 73-year-old man.

The suspect, who has a long criminal record with more than 26 criminal records, entered prison for these crimes.

Plainclothes agents were patrolling the Horta area of ​​Barcelona last Saturday morning when they were told that a 91-year-old woman had just been robbed, he assaulted her from behind to tear off her pendant, before violently pushing her and run away.

Shortly thereafter, the police saw the suspect as he attacked a 73-year-old man to remove his gold chain.

The thief acted without realizing the proximity of the agents who followed him to arrest him, although during the escape the suspect swallowed the jewel he had just stolen.

After detaining him, the agents found several jewels hidden in his clothes on him.

While they waited for the first victim to identify the stolen pendant, the policemen received the notice that before the assault on this woman there had been another: a 73-year-old woman was pushed by the suspect to throw her to the ground and remove the gold chain.

The attacks occurred within a 600-meter radius and between 9:10 a.m. and 9:40 a.m.

The Mossos emphasize that the thief has a long criminal record with some 26 police records for violent robberies, in addition to entering prison on several occasions.

The investigation continues open to identify the other victims who own the jewelry that the suspect was wearing, in addition to looking for witnesses since the accused assaulted people from behind to prevent them from being recognized.

The suspect entered prison by court order.

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