Dovertower and the UAE's Dubai Ports World (DP World) said today, Wednesday, that they have signed several agreements to cooperate in shipping and port activities.

Dovertour Company of Israeli Shipping Industries is owned by Israeli businessman Shlomi Vogel, who is an owner of the Israel Shipyards and the port of Eilat.

Israel Shipyards and Dubai Ports will study the possibility of submitting a joint bid for Haifa Port, which is in the process of privatization.

This will be the first time that an Emirati and Gulf company has participated in an official tender for government infrastructure in Israel.

"Dovertauer" said it would also partner with "Dubai Ports" to establish a direct sea shipping line between Dubai and Eilat.

Israel Shipyards and Drydocks World-Dubai will study a partnership in the production and marketing of products in Dubai.

The Israeli economic newspaper Globos said that the signing of the agreement between the two companies took place a few days ago during Vogel's visit to Dubai.

Since the announcement of an agreement between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, many Israeli companies have signed agreements with their Emirati counterparts.

On August 13, the UAE and Israel reached an agreement to normalize relations between them, which was officially signed on Tuesday at the White House.

On Tuesday, Bank Leumi, Israel, signed two memoranda of understanding with First Abu Dhabi Bank and Emirates NBD.

A day earlier, it was announced that "Emirates NBD" - the largest state bank - had signed a cooperation agreement with "Hapoalim", the largest of Israeli banks, which was described as the first banking agreement between UAE banks and Israel since they agreed to normalize relations under an agreement sponsored by the United States.

These agreements between the UAE and Israeli banks were preceded by a cooperation agreement in the banking field between the UAE and Israel, which was signed by the UAE Central Bank and the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on August 31.