Direct report · The double murder in Linköping


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On the first day of the trial, prosecutor Britt-Louise Viklund will present the indictment and the claims will be presented.

The prosecutor will go through the extensive technical evidence and under what circumstances Daniel Nyqvist could be arrested for the murders of 8-year-old Mohamad Ammouri and 56-year-old Anna-Lena Svensson.

The prosecutor has also called Anna-Lena Svensson's husband and Mohammad's father to testify.

Nyqvist is represented by lawyer Johan Ritzer.

Nyqvist admits damages

Lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz is the Ammouri family's plaintiff's assistant and she will bring a so-called claim for damages on Tuesday.

The Ammouri family has claimed a total of SEK 950,000 in damages.

Nyqvist has agreed to pay damages, but then stated significantly lower sums to a fewer number of family members.

The Svensson family is represented by lawyer Karin Wålander and they have not filed a claim for damages.

Traced by genealogists

It was on Tuesday morning, October 19, 2004 that Nyqvist stabbed 8-year-old Mohamad Ammouri and 56-year-old Anna-Lena Svensson on Åsgatan.

A trauma that has plagued the city for all these years and which will now be resolved in court.

On Tuesday morning, June 9 this year, Daniel Nyqvist was arrested after being tracked down by genealogists and that his DNA was then matched positively against the killer's.

Two days later, he admitted the act in police interrogation.

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Today, charges are brought against the man who admitted the double murder in Linköping.

Photo: TT