Court documents revealed that the German automaker Daimler will pay $ 2.2 billion;

To settle a US government investigation into diesel emissions fraud, and lawsuits filed by 250,000 car owners in the United States.

The company and its American unit, Mercedes-Benz USA, said on August 13 that they had reached a settlement in principle for civil and environmental lawsuits related to 250,000 cars and trucks, after the company used an electronic program to circumvent the emissions rules.

The company said in August that it expects the costs of settlements with the US authorities to reach $ 1.5 billion in total, while settlements with car owners will cost another $ 700 million. It also revealed "more costs ... to meet the settlement requirements."

The documents stated that Daimler had agreed to pay owners of 250,000 cars $ 3,290;

To repair contaminated cars, and agreed not to oppose a payment of $ 83.4 million;

For attorneys 'costs and reimbursement for car owners' attorneys.

In September 2019, the company agreed to pay a fine of 870 million euros (nearly $ 1 billion) for violating diesel emissions rules.

Volkswagen and Daimler have stopped selling diesel passenger cars in the United States.