SVT has previously reported on the case of Sofie who was suddenly moved from the family home she has lived in since she was born.

The social services were worried that a boy in the vicinity of the family was suspected of abusing another girl.

But SVT's review could show that the decision was not reconsidered even when the guy moved, despite Sofie saying that she was never exposed.

The social services said that the trust had been broken. 

"It is a serious shortcoming that the family home does not believe that anything has happened," they 

wrote to the family home.

- It happens from time to time that we relocate from family homes.

Then you have to consider that this is over, said the social committee's chairman Kenneth Persson (S) earlier.

Following SVT's review, the municipality is now being investigated by the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate, IVO.

Successfully dial out

Sofie is still at the HVB home.

We have for a long time tried to get in touch with her, but she is not allowed to have her computer or mobile phone, but only call people on a list approved by the social services at times that they have set.

She has not yet met those she calls mom and dad.

- I have not been allowed to meet them in six months.

I want to go home, says Sofie when she manages to call SVT for the first time.

Have you been given any reason why you are not allowed to have contact with whoever you want? 

- It's because I should not be able to have contact with mom and dad whenever I want.

Children have the right to be heard

Sofie has seen our reports and wants us to continue to review her case.

Since the turn of the year, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been Swedish law and it states that children have the right to be heard, and that their opinion must be taken into account in decisions concerning them.

Sofie is now trying to get a lawyer to appeal the social services committee's decision to end her family home.

- For her to help me so that I can come home again.

The social services just say no all the time.

And that I do not need a lawyer.

How does it feel?

- I do not know, just hard.

SVT has asked those responsible for the social services in Borlänge municipality to respond to the information that they deny Sofie a lawyer and they answer that they do not want to comment on individual cases.

Footnote: Sofie is actually called something else.

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