China News Service, September 14 According to foreign media reports, New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern said on the 14th local time that on the 21st, New Zealand will adjust the new crown epidemic restrictions nationwide to enter the lowest level 1 alert.

But the country's second wave of epidemic center is located, except for Auckland, the largest city.

  Ardern said that the current Auckland epidemic prevention measures will be reviewed at the meeting on the 21st.

If the epidemic is stable, assembly restrictions will be relaxed.

She emphasized that if this change does happen, it will take effect on the 23rd.

  In addition, the New Zealand government will immediately relax the requirements for passengers to keep distance on the plane.

In the previous few months, Air New Zealand restricted the distance between passengers on the plane.

  But Ardern said that people on all public transportation in the country will still be forced to wear masks.

  Prior to this, New Zealand, which seemed to have completely eliminated the epidemic, broke out in Auckland again in August, causing the government to re-block Auckland.

In September, the authorities relaxed restrictions on the city, and Auckland is still at a level of 2.5 alert.

The rest of New Zealand is at alert level 2.

  New Zealand reported 1 new confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia on the 14th, with a total of 1,447 confirmed cases and 24 deaths.