China News Service, September 13-According to Euronet, the Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesvos in Greece was almost completely destroyed by fire.

The Greek government needs to urgently resettle more than 12,000 refugees while preventing the spread of the new crown virus.

However, on the morning of the 12th, some refugees clashed with the police near the camp because they were dissatisfied with the settlement plan of the Greek authorities.

On September 9, local time, after a fire broke out in the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos, Greece, the refugees left the fire.

According to reports, the refugee camp has more than 12,000 people.

  According to the report, after the Moria refugee camp was razed to the ground by the fire, a large number of refugees and immigrants once held high and wrote, "We don't want to go to a hell like Moria anymore", "Ms. Merkel, can you hear us? The slogan marched along the road, protesting that the Greek authorities would build a new camp near Moria to house them and demand to leave Lesvos.

  According to reports, some refugees wanted to go to Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos, while the Greek police deployed guards on the highway leading to Mytilene to prevent refugees from passing through.

In the meantime, the two sides clashed.

  In the past few days, residents who fled from Moriah refugee camp sleeped out along the road. Some people set up makeshift beds in parking lots, farmlands, and even cemeteries.

  The Greek government predicts that the tent area that can accommodate 3,000 people will welcome the first batch of refugees as early as the 12th local time.

In addition, the Greek government has arranged hundreds of old and weak women and children to live in temporary residences such as hotels, and dispatched a passenger ship and two naval landing ships to temporarily house thousands of people.

  The UN Refugee Agency urges refugees affected by the fire to exercise "restraint" and avoid "actions or statements that may increase tensions", and calls on the Greek authorities and the European Union to provide "long-term solutions" for refugees in Lesvos and other locations in the Greek Islands ".

(Liang Manyu)