The celebration of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah for his fourth goal for his team, Liverpool, against Leeds in the Premier League, in the manner of former Al-Ahly player Moamen Zakaria, met with great interaction from the English club and the fans on social media.

Liverpool, on its official Twitter account, praised Salah's support for his friend in the Egyptian national team afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The club said in its tweet, "We wish the safety of Moamen, you will return stronger."

Salah supports his friend in the national team and Egyptian Al-Ahly player @MoamenZakaria, who is going through a health crisis recently and is celebrating his way.

We wish safety for a believer, you will return stronger ❤️

- Liverpool FC (@LFC_Arabic) September 12, 2020

In turn, the Confederation of African Football (CAF), in a tweet on its Twitter account, also celebrated the trio of Salah at Leeds' goal, referring to his humanitarian gesture towards his teammate, and said, "We cannot wait to see a believer's celebration."


✅ A humanitarian sign

Mohamed Salah supports his colleague in the Egyptian national team and Egyptian Al-Ahly player Moamen Zakaria, who is going through a health crisis by celebrating in his own way.

We can't wait to see a believer's celebration of a believer. @ MoSalah |

@MoamenZakaria |

@AlAhly |


- CAF - AR (@caf_online_AR) September 12, 2020

The Salah tag was topped by Twitter in Egypt after its celebration in the manner of Moamen Zakaria, and his brilliance by scoring 3 goals (hat-trick) in Liverpool's opening match against Leeds United in the English Premier League for the new season 2020-2021.

Moamen Zakaria responded to Salah's support with a post on his official Facebook account.

Tweeters and sports journalists expressed their pride in Salah for his human position, and his brilliance on a night when he broke records, becoming the first player from Liverpool to score in 4 consecutive matches in the first round matches in the English Premier League.

Mo Salah goal celebration was a tribute to the Egyptian player, Momen Zakaria, diagnosed with ALS.

- Manar M. Sarhan (@ManarSarhan) September 12, 2020

After scoring in the fourth consecutive opening match, the Egyptian star equaled the record for Teddy Sheringham between the seasons 1992-1993 and 1995-1996 with the Nottingham Forest and Tottenham teams, and Salah scored another record as he scored it with only one club.

A hat-trick against Leeds United and leading Liverpool to a difficult victory 🔥

We have also returned since joining # Liverpool .. # Salah begins the season in a more wonderful way and sends a message that he is ready

Good luck to him and all the Arab players in the Premier League 🇲🇦🇩🇿🇪🇬

- Moez Boulahia - Moez Boulahia (@MoezBoulahia) September 13, 2020

The first hat-trick ... and God willing, it will not be the last

and most beautiful of this and that

joy of a believer 👏🏻 ♥ ️

God willing, this season will end with the best player in the world, Picasso ♥ ️🤗 ♥ ️🤗 @ MoSalah

- Bilal Ahmed Allam (@BilalAhmadAllam) September 12, 2020

I am my friend and if all of them left and I thought there was nothing left but your grief without paying attention you will always find me here # Moamen_Zachariah

# Salah

- A hmed (@ aebe22) September 13, 2020

I wish from God a speedy recovery for you, Believer Zakaria, and you will return stronger than the first, and a million thanks to our honorable destination, Mohamed Salah. Who has succeeded to greater success, star of the stars. All success to you, may God protect you and guide your steps

- Tamer Al-Masry (@ 4TR3XosQPCEgIMJ) September 13, 2020

A lot of people believed that an Arab player would arrive when Mohamed Salah now arrived, and would be mocked if he heard such words!

Arab player scorer for the strongest league in the world?

An Arab player breaks the numbers of his predecessors in Liverpool ?!

In short, Salah opened the doors and paved the way for every ambitious Arab player in the future and conveyed a message:

"Nothing is impossible"

- Ali Al-Farag (@ifaraj17) September 13, 2020

Celebration Ali Moamen Zakaria, may God heal him, an unforgettable situation for the pride of the Arabs, Mohamed Salah ♥ # MoSalah

- Yusef Hassan Ahmed (@ UwMs5kaFIjDpbar) September 13, 2020