Illustration of the Immediate Response Force (FRI), one of the Lille police investigative services dedicated to narcotics.


North DDSP

  • A new drug operation in a district of Lille was carried out by the police.

  • The police have announced 85 arrests in this Lille district since the start of the year.

  • The Alliance police union is worried about a possible resurgence of the number policy.

The return of the politics of numbers?

The Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP) published a press release on Friday on a new drug operation carried out in the Moulins district of Lille, in the North.

Appraisal: five arrests including a buyer, a lookout positioned at a high point and three "doormen", to control the building lobby.

The operation took place Thursday morning in the residence of the Filature, where, in July, an actress had her jaw broken by a dealer.

It made it possible to seize 50 g of packaged heroin.

At the heart of police and judicial concerns

In this Moulins district, particularly targeted by the police, the police announced that they had carried out, since January, “85 arrests for drug trafficking, including 11 lookouts”.

The police seized approximately 20 kg of cannabis, 8 kg of heroin, 1 kg of cocaine and more than 86,000 euros.

Long denied by the authorities, the scale of drug trafficking in the Lille metropolitan area is today at the heart of both police and judicial concerns.

When Carole Etienne took up her post as public prosecutor in Lille in April, she was immediately marked by the large number of trafficking, including not far from certain police stations.

According to our information, the magistrate had decided, as soon as she took office, to tackle this scourge as a priority.

"We must regain the territory"

Since then, she has been joined in this ambition by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who has made drug trafficking his "first priority".

The situation in Tourcoing, the city where he was elected mayor, is not the healthiest.

The police and the judiciary will therefore strongly unite their efforts in this fight in the coming months.

A situation that delights the Alliance police union.

“The criminal response was not always strong enough,” underlines Arnault Boutelier, deputy regional secretary.

Increase in traffic during containment

But the union is also worried about a possible resurgence of the number policy, in force under Nicolas Sarkozy, ten years ago.

“These operations are useful because it is necessary to regain the territory, in particular with the progression of trafficking during confinement.

But the police mission should not be limited to fighting against drug trafficking because voluntary violence is on the rise, ”says the trade unionist.

And dismantling a network of traffickers takes a long time.

“Issuing fines for first-time offenders is good, but it is not enough, insists Arnault Boutelier.

We're going to type in some places.

The dealers will move and the problem will only move.

There are no methods to reduce the scourge to 100%.

The groundwork requires months of investigation.



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