• Dead boy.

    White Brothers: "We didn't touch Willy"

  • 3 of the 4 investigated for the murder of Willy Monteiro remain in prison.

    One under house arrest

  • Murder Willy, the indictment could change to voluntary homicide

  • Murder Willy, a witness: "Everyone hit him."

    Count at the funeral

  • Murder Willy.

    Conte: "We expect severe and certain sentences".

    Bishop: "Barbaric and unjust death"


by Antonella Alba

13 September 2020 The brothers Marco and Gabriele Bianchi and their friend Mario Pincarelli, arrested for the murder following a beating of Willy Monteiro Duarte, which took place between Saturday and Sunday, asked to be placed in the protected ward of Rebibbia prison last in Colleferro, on the outskirts of Rome.

The request came from the youth lawyers who motivated it with the need for greater security.

This was revealed by the guarantor of the Lazio detainees.

The three at this time are, like all new inmates, in isolation according to anti-covid regulations.

However, they asked that at the end of the days of quarantine they can have a protection regime inside the Roman penitentiary, for fear of retaliation by the other detainees.

In recent days, in fact, death threats had arrived, also via social media or through threatening phone calls, both to the relatives of the arrested and to the defenders.

The fourth investigated for the murder of the young Cape Verdean - Francesco Belleggia - is instead under house arrest.

The decisions of the judiciary are still awaited following the interrogations carried out on various witnesses present at the brawl.

The Rome Public Prosecutor sees a worsening in the charge against the alleged perpetrators of the atrocious beating, which would pass from manslaughter to voluntary homicide.

Yesterday a huge crowd gathered at the funeral of the 21-year-old who was a cook to support himself in his studies.

Also present was Prime Minister Conte who ensured "severe and certain penalties" by dressing himself in white as had been requested by Willy's family of relatives and friends.

"He didn't die in vain, he wanted to defend a friend," said the victim's father.

A "barbaric and unjust death", the words of the Bishop during the funeral homily.

"Yesterday morning there were thousands of us, dressed in the color of purity and youth, white. We were mute in the face of a tragedy that we would never have imagined could strike our community, raging against a family full of dignity, robbed of the most precious good. The city of Paliano is in mourning and mourns a young son, who was torn from life too soon, in the most barbaric way "So on Facebook the mayor of Paliano, Domenico Alfieri, the day after the funeral.

"A pure boy who with his conduct has given us a teaching that none of us can ignore. I cannot find words, but only a deep conviction: we will not leave you alone, we will not stop asking for justice for what happened. We will be with you, always. ".

So today in the long post on Facebook the mayor of Paliano, Domenico Alfieri, post in which he spoke of unanimous condolence that has crossed the regional borders involving the whole of Italy.

And today in Turin a solidarity garrison in Piazza Castello for Willy.

In the center of the Turin capital, hundreds of militants and supporters of the local anti-racist network, close to the anarchist area, met.

A banner with the words' Justice for Willy was hung in front of the Royal Palace.

Anti-racist Turin ".