China News Service, September 12, according to Europa News, as the start date of the new school year in Italy on September 14 approaches, and the epidemic situation continues to deteriorate.

Many Chinese parents hope that their children can stay at home during the epidemic to reduce the risk of the epidemic to their children.

This move not only failed to gain the understanding and support of Italian education departments and schools. On the contrary, the school warned parents of Chinese children to prohibit school-age children from going to school. Parents should bear legal responsibility or be accused of violating criminal law.

  According to reports, on September 10, local time, more than 20 parents of Chinese children living in Prato, Italy, went to a public school in Prato to ask the school about how to withdraw their children.

The school warned that refusing to send school-age children and young people to the state compulsory education would violate the criminal law, and the school has the obligation and responsibility to report the situation to the education authority and the police in a timely manner.

  According to a social media poll published by the Italian National Daily on September 8, as many as 94% of overseas Chinese living in Italy have parents of school-age students who are afraid of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, so that they are unwilling or unwilling in the new school year. Planning to send children to school.

At present, whether Chinese children can enroll or return to schools and kindergartens as scheduled has attracted great attention from all walks of life in Italian society.

  Prato is the city with the highest concentration of Chinese in Italy and even Europe. In order to urge nearly 10,000 Chinese children to return to school as scheduled, the local government has issued a public statement stating that it is a right granted by the Constitution for school-age students aged 6 to 16 in Italy to receive compulsory education. , Parents sending their children to school is not only an obligation, but also a responsibility that must be fulfilled.

Parents who hinder school-age students from receiving compulsory education will not only be punished by law, but also risk depriving their children of custody and guardianship.

  The principal of a public school in Prato told the media that some parents of Chinese children wish to drop out of school for their children. The school has made it clear that the law stipulates special reasons such as non-health, relocation of residential address or student registration in other schools. The law prohibits schools from doing so. Students between the ages of 6 and 16 go through the withdrawal procedures, so the school has no right to issue a withdrawal permit.

  Officials of the Prato Education Bureau stated that immigrants living in Italy must also abide by local laws, and no one has the right to deprive minors of their right to receive compulsory education.

The education department has always maintained a zero tolerance attitude for banning children from receiving compulsory education for unjustified reasons, and parents must bear legal responsibility for this.

(Huang Xin)