The mayor Les Républicains de Reims, Arnaud Robinet, wishes to explore the path of the decriminalization of cannabis in his city.

A question on the often taboo legislation in France, which he also wishes to address within his political family, historically not very open on the subject.


This Thursday, Arnaud Robinet, took his pen to address Prime Minister Jean Castex directly.

In his letter, the mayor of Reims under the label of the Republicans, asked for a real debate on cannabis legislation adding that his city of Champagne was a candidate in the event of local experimentation.

An astonishing position for a representative of the French right, often behind on the subject.

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"For 50 years we have had the most repressive legislation in Europe and the highest number of consumers", contextualizes the elected official who recalls that 11% of French people are consumers each year and while the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin recently announced that he wanted to toughen up the fight against drug trafficking.

Unsuitable measures according to Arnaud Robinet: "Today, the repressive arsenal is geared towards consumers and not traffickers. The solution may be to harm your trafficking networks by preventing them from being able to sell these products. "

A subject "demonized, even caricatured"

A rare speech in his political camp, even if he speaks of "political taboo on the right as on the left" since the subject has never been treated for years and been "demonized, even caricatured".

"There may be a fear of some elected officials to broach this subject. I also believe that one can think that within my political family we are attached to security and in particular to order, but if we move on this question of decriminalization and legalization, perhaps we can restore order in this country and attack the real drug traffickers, "he says.

"A generational question on the right"

According to Arnaud Robinet, many right-wing personalities supported his position.

"Off the record, many elected officials from my political family tell me that I am right and that they think the same thing. I am thinking of my colleague mayor of Châteauroux, for example, who also spoke on the subject. also perhaps a generational question on the right ", notes the mayor visibly calling on his colleagues to express themselves like him publicly.