A baby and a puppy born with the same pain became each other's'soul best'.

On the 5th of the local time, foreign media such as the US NBC introduced a special friendship story between a puppy and a 2-year-old Bentley who had been thrown away in a stray dog ​​shelter.

Bentley, who lives in Detroit, Michigan, was born with a cleft lip.

Because of the congenital deformity of the upper lip and palate, she had to undergo surgery several times since she was a baby, but Bentley did not lose her bright and lovely smile, but rather helped her parents.

Then one day, Mr. Boose, his father, stopped by an animal shelter with Bentley, who was two years old, and was surprised to find a little tabby puppy.

Like Bentley, the upper lip was split in two.

As soon as Bentley saw the puppy, he hugged him and rubbed his face and was happy, and after seeing this, Mr. Boose decided to join him and his new family without hesitation.

Bentley's mother, Ashley, was embarrassed when her husband, who had been out for a while, told her that she had to adopt a puppy, but was forced to agree with tears after checking the puppy's cracked lips on a video call.

Ashley told NBC, "As Bentley grew up, I was worried that she would be teased by her appearance or felt that she was different from others. But it is a little reassuring to grow up with a dog that looks like her."

The netizens expressed their emotions and cheered, saying, "I can only see the Bentley and the dog together, and tears fall", "I look forward to the days when the two grow together", and "I'm really glad to find each other."

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(Photo ='Jackson County Animal Shelter-Michigan' Facebook,'WDIV' YouTube)