China News Service, September 11, according to the US Chinese website, on the 10th local time, wildfires triggered by extreme high temperatures and strong winds spread further in the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

California wildfires have burned more than 3.1 million acres of land, twice the size of Delaware, USA. As wildfires continue to raging, 12 people have died in California, and many cities have been shrouded in smoke and dust.

Recently, the smoke from the fire covered the entire San Francisco Bay Area and most of Northern California, turning the entire sky into orange.

The picture shows the smog covering the San Francisco Bay Area on the 9th local time.

  According to reports, the California Forestry and Fire Department stated that "this year's wildfire season is a record year. Six of the top 20 wildfires in California history occurred in 2020." The fire destroyed more than 3,900 buildings, at least 14,000 firefighters are fighting 29 major fires.

  Among them, the August Complex officially became the largest wildfire in California's history, burning more than 470,000 acres of land. This was another severe milestone in the most destructive wildfire season in the state's history.

The fire burned in remote areas in and around Tihama County, and one person was reported dead.

  The August combined fire started with more than 30 separate fires in the Mendocino National Forest on August 17. These fires were caused by lightning.

At noon on September 9, local time, San Francisco, California, USA, was as dark as night.

The Golden Gate Bridge was shrouded in smoke and dust.

Mountain fires in many parts of Northern California burned for days, and the resulting smoke and dust spread everywhere, causing the local air quality to drop significantly.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

  According to reports, the fire spread to nearby towns in Oregon, including Marion County, Lane County and Jackson County.

"This may be the largest casualty and property damage caused by wildfires in our state's history." Oregon Governor Kate Brown said, "We did not get any relief from the weather conditions. The wind continues to push these fires, pushing them down. Into our town."

  In Oregon, one person died in a fire near Ashland and two in Marion County.

  At present, thousands of residents in western states have to evacuate their houses and do not know when they will return.

As rescue work continues, it is expected that in the next few days, the death toll from the fire will increase.

  Wildfires have also seriously affected the air quality in many parts of California.

On the 9th local time, the sky over the San Francisco Bay Area showed a strange orange color, and local residents said that they were in outer space.

  Officials said that a smoke warning against unhealthy air quality has come into effect, and the fire has also caused ashes to fall in the area. Officials warned residents who smelled smoke or saw ashes to restrict their outdoor activities, keep doors and windows closed, and avoid strenuous exercise.