The best beer in Finland has once again been chosen.

The results of the competition were announced on Thursday, September 10 at the Tampere Suuret Beeret Pienet Breweries event.

The competition bulletin states that this year more than 300 beers in ten different beer styles were entered in the Best Beer competition in Finland.

A jury of about 50 people selected the semi-finalists from the candidates and the best from each series were selected.

In addition, the international jury chose Finland's Best Beer 2020.

This year's Best Beer in Finland is Panimo Honkavuori Oy's Valo wheat beer 4.5 t%.

- Mariaana Nelimarkka, an excellent representative of German wheat beer and chairman of the jury, tells Ilta-Sanomat about the reasons for the award.

The light hop bitter is very low, the brewery describes its award-winning beer on its website on Thursday. Photo: Brewery Honkavuori

Nelimarkka wrote in Aromi magazine about the selection of the winners of the competition.

International judges praised the level of Finnish beers.

- I was judging beers in Finland for the first time and I was very impressed with the wide range of international beer styles your beer makers have, as well as traditional beers, German Harald Schieder commented on the competition products to the magazine.

- I was surprised how good wheat beers I got to taste, because German-style wheat beers are a very difficult beer style to implement, Italian beer sommelier Simonmattia Riva also commented to Arom.

One of the best in the Pils series may be the fact that it is number one non-alcoholic product.

According to Mariaana Nelimarkka, the Kukko Pils Alcohol-free Laitila Soft Drink Factory was also one of the surprises of the competition.

The non-alcoholic product was listed as the best in the Pils series.

Rooster Pils alcohol-free is gluten-free.Picture: Alko

The best beers in the different series are:

Light lager

  • Rock - An allday, Everyday Lager (4.7 t%, international light lager, RPS Brewing Oy)

  • Märichello (5.2 t%, American lager, Olarin Panimo Oy)

  • Bear 5.3 (5.3 t%, international light lager, Oy Sinebrychoff Ab)

  • Pils

  • Kukko Pils Non-alcoholic (0.3 t%, German pils, Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Oy)

  • Bryggeri Pils (4.5%, German castle, Bryggeri Helsinki)

  • Galaxy Pils (5.0 t%, German castle, Stadin Panimo Oy)

  • Dark or colored lager

  • KASKI Black Oats (5.0 t%, schwarzbier, Takatalo & Tompuri Brewery)

  • True Bock (6.5 t%, dark Bock, Mallaskoski Oy)

  • Bock's Doppelbock (7.5 t%, doppelbock, Bock's Corner Brewery Oy)

  • Light or medium dark sale

  • Lammin Sahti (7.5 t%, sahti, Lammin Sahti Oy)

  • Big Momma (10.4 t%, English barleywine, Olarin Panimo Oy)

  • Double Doc Emeritus (8.5 t%, British strong sale, Panimo Honkavuori Oy)

  • American IPA

  • Juiciness (5.5 t%, American ipa, CoolHead Brew)

  • New England IPA (5.5 t%, specialty ipa - new england ipa, Stadin Panimo Oy)

  • Hopz N the Hood (5.5 t%, American ipa, Olarin Panimo Oy)

  • Stout and porter

  • Ikiiurso Bourbon Barrel Aged (12.0 t%, imperial stout, Brewery Hiisi Oy)

  • Pyöveli (9.2 t%, imperial stout, Brewery TuJu Oy)

  • Laitilan Imperiali (9.2 t%, imperial stout, Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Oy)

  • Wheat beers

  • Light wheat beers (4.5 t%, wheat beers, Panimo Honkavuori Oy)

  • Dandelion Dreams Witbier (4.9 t%, witbier, RPS Brewing Oy)

  • Heili (6.6 t%, wheat block, Panimo Honkavuori Oy)

  • Berry, fruit and sour beers

  • Salted Licorice Raspberry Sour (5.0 t%, fruit and spice beers, CoolHead Brew)

  • Is it me you're looking for?

    (3.8 t%, mixed sour beers, Linden Brewery Oy)

  • Nasty Granny (4.1% by weight, Berliner weisse, Olarin Panimo Oy)

  • Spices

  • Prykmestar Smoke, light (4.5 t%, traditional smoked beers, Vakka-Suomen Brewery)

  • Prykmestar Smoker (9.0 t%, specialty smoked beers, Vakka-Suomen Brewery)

  • Blacksmith's Shavu (5.7 wt.%, Smoked, Fiskars Brewery)

  • Other beers

  • Cerberos Bourbon BA Imperial Stout (11.8 t%, wood-aged beer, Mallaskoski Oy)

  • Taiga strong porter Bourbon (8.0 t%, beer matured in wood, Panimo Honkavuori Oy)

  • Bare Island (3.5 t%, Gose, Kanavan Panimo Oy)

  • The competition is a jubilee year

    The competition was held for the tenth time this year.

    Due to the corona epidemic, there were changes in judging arrangements.

    Due to an exceptional situation, bottled or canned beers were allowed to participate in the competition.

    In previous years, draft beers have also been judged in the competition.

    Last year, Finland's Best Beer was Iso-Kallan Panimo Oy's Groteski 3.7%, Piwo Grodziskie.

    This year, two international beer sommelier, Brian Schlede from Germany and Simonmatti Riva from Italy, sat on the final jury.

    International judge experience was also represented by Harald Schieder from Germany.

    From Finland, the jury included a beer judge and author, Jouni Koskinen from the Tuopillinen blog, restaurant managers Heidi Reiss from Pien Brewpub and Elina Taimi from restaurant Mulikka, SOK's selection manager Kari Häsä, an experienced international beer judge and member of the board of Perréh Bran beer maker Juha Sinisalo.

    The jury was chaired by journalist Mariaana Nelimarkka.

    The Best Beer in Finland competition is open to all beers produced by commercial breweries in Finland that are in regular on-trade or retail sales.

    The Best Beer in Finland competition is organized by the Finnish Beer Association, which includes the Small Brewing Association and the Brewing Association, and is supported by the Beer Association.

    You can find Ilta-Sanomat's weekly beer reviews here.