Images of the California red sky sweeping social media

Since yesterday, pictures of "red skies" in California and San Francisco Bay have been circulating on social media, a phenomenon that occurs due to the impact of fires in surrounding urban areas.

And the forest fires that ravaged many areas of the US West Coast have doused the sky in California with a glowing red color, which caught the attention of tweeters and professional photographers alike.

"When smoke and ash become more intense near forest fires, it can cut off the sunlight completely, making the sky appear as the darkness of the night," said a CNN meteorologist, Godson Jones.

According to (Sky News), residents turned on the lights, and looked at the rust-colored sky, which made it appear at night.

The winds carry wildfire smoke from afar.

Both the Creek Fire and the North Complex Fire burn more than 200 miles away, yet they can be felt in the Bay Area.

Other places, like Salem, Oregon, are experiencing similar apocalypse flares.

"Smoke and ash, for example, are natural versions of photos with Instagram settings," said a Francisco resident, while others described the scene as "terrifying" or "nightmare."

And the California firefighters announced, last Monday, that the fires in the state this year, many of which are still raging, have so far consumed more than 8,000 square kilometers, noting that this area of ​​fires has not been seen before in 33 years.

Fire brigade spokeswoman Lynn Tolmachov said, "This is the first time in 33 years that we have crossed two million acres (8,000 square kilometers)," according to what AFP reported.

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