Paris (AFP)

The Musée d'Orsay apologized to a young woman who had been refused entry because of her cleavage and who had denounced the incident in an "open letter" that went viral on social networks.

Released Wednesday on his Twitter account, the "open letter" denounces in great detail the attempt to expel the young woman from the prestigious Parisian museum.

"Arrived at the entrance of the museum I do not have time to take out my ticket as the sight of my breasts and my ragged pageantry shocks an agent in charge of controlling reservations," she wrote.

According to him, an agent of the museum then asks him to put on a jacket to be able to enter the museum grounds.

"I feel defeated, obligated, I'm ashamed, I feel like everyone is looking at my breasts, I'm just my breasts, I'm just a woman they sexualize, but I want enter the museum, ”she continues.

To her letter, the young woman attached a photo of herself wearing the dress in question.

The tweet has been shared tens of thousands of times, sparking outrage from many internet users.

"We have learned of an incident that occurred with a visitor when she entered the Musée d'Orsay. We deeply regret it and apologize to the person concerned that we are contacting", reacted, a few hours after the post of the young woman, the museum on Twitter.

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