The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi issued new instructions to hotels, as an additional step to strengthen relations between the UAE and Israel, by imposing on them the obligation to prepare "kosher" meals for conservative Jews in all establishments that serve food in Abu Dhabi.

And kosher is what the Jews call halal food according to the provisions of their Sharia.

In a tweet, the Israeli official spokesman for Hapoalim Bank, Sharona Mezilian, published a photo of the official book issued by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi.

"Based on the commitment of the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, to ensure the provision of certain foods for all visitors and tourists in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, all hotel establishments are requested to include kosher food options in the room service menus and all food and beverage outlets in their establishments," it said.

The Department of Culture instructed all hotel establishments to obtain a Kosher certificate to deal with kosher meals, and to allocate a special corner in all kitchens for preparing kosher, in addition to naming the elements of kosher with a sign - a clear and visible reference with a recognizable symbol indicating "conform to kosher" according to the testimony that was made. Obtained.

צעד נוסף בהידוק הקשרים בין האמירויות לישראל: הנחיות חדשות של מחלקת התרבות והתירות באבו אבי למנונות היהרו מלונות הירוו מלונות הירו

- Sharona Mazalian (@SharonaMazalian) September 9, 2020

The signs of normalization through food were the opening of the first Israeli restaurant in the Emirates, to provide a "Jewish Kosher" service (halal food) in it.

And he posted on Twitter that one of the members of the Jewish community in the Emirates, named Eli Creel, launched the first "Jewish Kosher" (halal food) food service in the Gulf region, and explained that its opening came as a result of the increasing demand for "Jewish Kosher" food, especially for Jewish visitors who pray To the UAE to participate in conferences dealing with tolerance between religions.

The Foreign Ministry’s Israeli account used a link from the English site Al Arabiya, in which it addressed the subject by saying that launching the first kosher service in the Arab Emirates “makes the history of the Gulf food”.

The site quoted in its report on Creel as saying that the recognition and support enjoyed by the Jewish community in the Emirates "is amazing and very appreciated, and the UAE has proven to all of us that our great traditions properly understood is a force for good."

Eli, a member of the Jewish community in the UAE launched the first kashir (halal) food service in the Gulf region, due to the growing demand for kashir Jewish food, especially for Jewish visitors who arrive in the UAE to participate in conferences dealing with interfaith tolerance. Https:// / IUP4dESN9i

- Israel in the Gulf (@IsraelintheGulf) June 4, 2020

Religious licenses

It is noteworthy that the Kosher certificate has already been awarded to "Elli's Kosher Kitchen", an Israeli restaurant that was launched by a Jewish woman earlier in 2019, after she moved with her family to live in Dubai in 2013.

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A lever for the economy of Israel

The Emirati normalization with Israel is considered a lever for the latter's economy and a commercial octopus in the Gulf.

According to the statistics of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, there are about 300 Israeli companies operating and operating in the Emirates, but most of them are through international branches, and accordingly, the normalization agreement will break the restrictions and overcome the difficulties, especially for small and medium-sized Israeli companies that found difficulties during the period of hidden trade exchange in cooperation with Emirati companies.

Kosher certified - UAE Israel delegation, Abu Dhabi

- Elli's Kosher Kitchen (@ElliKosher) September 1, 2020