China News Service, September 9th. According to the US "World Journal" report, the spread of California wildfires threatened the Chinese community near the San Gabriel Valley.

Arcadia City Hall has been paying attention to the spread of the fire since September 7th. On the afternoon of the 8th, the city government stated that according to models, by the evening of the 8th, the fire is likely to spread to Arcadia or the northern end of neighboring cities. Therefore, the city government recommends that residents in the affected areas evacuate.

  Chinese city councillor Dai Shouzhen said that there are about 600 households in the area.

If evacuation is required, it will be residents in the area east of Santa Anita and north of Foothill.

At present, firefighters and urban public works practitioners are building more defensive zones around these areas.

The city government has not officially opened the emergency operations center, but once an evacuation order is issued, it will be opened immediately.

Asia City has now joined the fire unified headquarters to respond to the fire situation at any time.

At the same time, he asked everyone to rest assured that Asia City has now dispatched all firefighters, including those on vacation, and everyone will work together to protect the community.

In addition, residents at the northern end of the city should be prepared for evacuation at any time.

  He said that the fire department has laid out some equipment. If it needs to be evacuated, it can quickly set up obstacles there to block the fire, and the fire engine will be on standby all day.

At present, there is no air fire fighting support in Asia, because the visibility on the mountain is very poor, which will affect the aircraft's inability to travel.

  Residents in the north of Arcadia are destined to stay awake for two nights.

Chinese Mr. Zhang packed several packages on the evening of the 7th, including clothes suitcases, computer bags, camera bags and earthquake kits (including first aid kits and the like).

He said that from the 7th to the present, he has been following the news of the city government website and WeChat group at any time. Although his home is not in the possible evacuation area announced on the 8th, the fire is spreading quickly and he must be prepared at any time.

Some people are more calm. The Chinese Mr. Liu said that natural and man-made calamities are inevitable, and it is not as good as normal. The most important thing is personal safety, and everything else is external.

  This wild fire has also spawned some activities, such as Chinese organized to pray for the safety of the city.

Wang Ailin, the president of the Southern California Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the president of the California Music and Art Association, responded immediately on the 8th and sent 50 dinners to the fire department.

She said that their chamber of commerce is in Arcadia. She was moved by the dedication of all firefighters in Asia to fight fires overnight. She thought of keeping the firefighters physically strong, so she asked friends in the catering industry to order 50 bento boxes and sent them to Fire department.

(Zhang Hong)