Kim Jong Un chaired the meeting to discuss post-disaster reconstruction

  According to KCNA reports, affected by Typhoon No. 9 "Mesak", many areas on the east coast of North Korea and the northern inland, especially the Gandeok area in South Hamgyong Province, suffered huge losses.

The Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea held an enlarged meeting at the headquarters building of the Party Central Committee on the morning of September 8 to discuss post-disaster reconstruction.

North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un chaired the meeting.

Data map: North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

  According to statistics, more than 2,000 houses and dozens of public buildings in the Kandeok area of ​​South Hamgyong Province were damaged or flooded, 45 60,000-meter highways were lost, 59 bridges were broken, and 31 railway subgrades and 3,500-meter-long sections were damaged. Two railroad tracks of more than 1,130 meters were washed away, completely paralyzing traffic.

  Kim Jong-un said that due to an unexpected typhoon disaster, North Korea had to consider revising the country's end-of-year struggle tasks and directions.

  Kim Jong-un pointed out that the Party Central Military Commission assessed the disaster situation in the Kande area and the scale of the restoration and reconstruction project, and decided to again delegate the restoration and reconstruction task to the Korean People’s Army.

The Party Central Military Commission plans to organize the forces of the People’s Army troops sent to the Kande area, restoration and reconstruction tasks, transportation and construction equipment support and mobile plans, cement and fuel and other construction materials support measures, intermodal transportation measures, etc. Establish a command group for disaster recovery and reconstruction in Jiande area.

  Afterwards, Kim Jong-un personally signed the order of the Party Central Military Commission concerning the recovery and reconstruction of the typhoon disaster in the Kandeok area of ​​South Hamgyong Province.

(Headquarters reporter Dong Haitao)