Pablo Iglesias will remain on the CNI Commission.

The Supreme Court has refused to admit to processing the appeals that the Popular Party and Vox had filed against the royal decree that in February established the composition of the Government Delegate Commission for Intelligence Affairs.

The Administrative Litigation Chamber indicates that neither the PP nor Vox are entitled to appeal a royal decree, so it refuses to enter to study the merits of the matter.

Both formations alleged that the decision to include Iglesias violates the law that regulates the composition of this commission in which intelligence matters are dealt with.

The court recalls its jurisprudence on the lack of legitimacy of political parties, parliamentary groups and deputies who appeal individually to challenge acts and general provisions when the ownership of a right or a legitimate interest is not claimed.

It adds that "it is not a case related to the exercise of a class action" and that "the mere interest in legality or the infringement of the normative hierarchy cannot be invoked to justify the active standing, as in this case when alleging the violation of a norm with the force of law ".

"Nor is it relevant, in the terms in which it is invoked, that the appeal is filed by the first opposition party," he adds in the response to the PP appeal.

The Chamber explains that this does not mean that the political parties cannot file appeals, but provided that there is a specific connection with their performance or operation, as in the case of challenges regarding acts of the Electoral Board or others that affect the defense of your own rights or legitimate interests.

"But not when it comes to interests that only project their effects, as is the case, in the political sphere."

In his order he explains that the opposite solution, that is to say, recognizing the legitimacy of the political parties and individual deputies to challenge any action by the government and the administration "would be equivalent to recognizing a kind of covert popular action, which they do not have. attributed by our legal system ".

The magistrates recall previous cases in which the lack of legitimacy of other political parties to appeal has also been declared.

for example, when Compromís challenged the agreement of a municipal plenary session that approved its annual budget, or when Izquierda Unida appealed a royal decree on teaching or the granting of research permits.

The PSOE's letter against a ministerial order was also rejected.

Both PP and Vox appealed the decision to the Constitutional Court, which last May decided to admit the briefs and still has to rule on the matter.

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