Rapper Romeo Elvis, accused of sexual assault on social networks, made his mea culpa this Wednesday.

Referring to a "mistake not to make", he said "not to be proud of this situation and hope to serve as an example not to follow".

Accused of sexual assault on social networks, rapper Romeo Elvis regretted "having used his hands inappropriately on someone", believing he was responding to an invitation that was not one ", Wednesday on his account Instagram.

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"I sincerely regret this gesture"

"I sincerely regret this gesture and above all, I publicly reiterate the apologies already expressed many times in private and in person", continues Angèle's brother, one of the new voices of the #MeToo movement with his hit "Balance your what".

Angèle also spoke on her social networks: "I condemn acts that go against my principles. It is all the more important that it is a loved one and shocking to learn it so".

"A global awareness is coming and a change of mentalities is needed, again, always and everywhere", insists the singer.

Angèle, already very exposed on social networks in normal times - supported by her fans or criticized by those who do not like her - found herself since Tuesday at the heart of a wave of "Balance your brother" tweets.


 The singer Angèle comes out on Instagram

"A mistake not to make"

Romeo Elvis says he stopped his gesture "in the moments that followed as soon as (he) understood".

"What is too often seen as a trivial act is a mistake not to be made", adds the rapper before concluding: "I am not proud of this situation and hope to serve as an example not to follow".

"(Romeo Elvis) sexually assaulted me #balancetonrappeur", could we read Tuesday on a story of an account not allowing to identify the author.

The latter also posted screenshots of the artist telling him that he was "a shit on the spot" and was "really ashamed".

This case arises while rap is in the headlines in the news section.

An investigation was thus opened in Paris for "voluntary violence", "sexual assault" and "death threats" after the complaints of three women against the Parisian rapper Moha La Squale.