Med-7 Forum: on the Greek island of Chios, the tension with Turkey is palpable

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Emmanuel Macron brings together the Med-7, a format of 7 countries on the Mediterranean shore, this Thursday, September 10 in Corsica.

One way to prepare for the European summit on September 24 and 25, where the tension in the eastern Mediterranean will be addressed in particular.

Report on the island of Chios in the Aegean Sea, 11 kilometers from the Turkish coast.


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With our special correspondent in Chios, 

Anissa el-Jabri

On the port, on the café terraces, men with silver temples are playing cards.

In front of them, soldiers get on a boat: the Frontex patrol, the European border surveillance troops.

At the back of the cafe a giant screen.

It's evening news time on Alpha News, the nation's second most watched channel.


Everything is ready for the meeting between Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Minister.

In a few moments all the details on the Franco-Greek defense agreement.


 And then Erdogan continues to threaten Greece by sending ultimatums and war threats

 ", we can hear.

Boats and military planes, helicopter, the Turkish army in ambush, guns in hand, an avalanche of anxiety-provoking images on Greek television.

The Greek government repeats it, it expects firm support.


Europe is a community of peaceful countries, opposite Turkey is a country with an authoritarian government with aggressive international behavior.

Europe must respond, and it must do so now, 

”said Yorgos Koumoutsakos, Deputy Minister for Migration.

In Chios, the

tensions with the neighbor opposite

, we have been used to it for generations, but never have Turkish planes passed so often and for so long to raze the roofs of Greek houses. 

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