• Bolivia.Evo Morales describes the accusation of the Bolivian Prosecutor's Office as "nonsense" and will continue in Argentina

Two courts have decided the political future of the once all-powerful revolutionary presidents in two long-awaited and controversial decisions.

Neither Rafael Correa will compete for vice president in the Ecuador elections nor will Evo Morales fight for a seat in the Bolivian Senate for Cochabamba.

Two key decisions for both political scenarios,

marked by the pandemic and uncertainty.

"Finally they succeeded. In record time they draw a final sentence to disqualify me as a candidate. They do not understand that the only thing they do is increase popular support.

Remember: the only thing they condemn us to is to win,

" Correa reacted after the verdict of the Court of Cassation of the National Court of Justice, which confirmed his sentence to eight years in prison for instigation of the crime of bribery.

The judges have denied the appeals presented by Correa;

who was its vice president, Jorge Glas, and several top-level officials, who formed a criminal structure, together with private businessmen, who paid with large bribes the award of public works.

"Today the Attorney General's Office has not won, all of Ecuador has been the winner, because Justice is being inaugurated in this country," concluded prosecutor Diana Salazar, stigmatized from day one by Correa.

The former fugitive president has taken refuge in Europe,

turned into a television star on Putin's channel and protected by his leftist co-religionists from the Puebla Group, in which José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and former judge Baltasar Garzón are active.

The leader of the citizen revolution wanted to be part of the electoral binomial of "correísmo", together with his former minister Andrés Arauz, with the obvious intention of returning to his country.


Personally, it hurts me much more for the people in Ecuador,

" lamented the former president.

His ally Evo Morales has had a similar fate in Bolivia.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Andean country yesterday rejected the protection of the leader of the indigenous revolution,

which ratifies his disqualification


This was issued in February by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Morales, campaign manager for the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), wanted to compete for a Senate seat for Cochabamba, even though he

did not meet important requirements, such as permanent residence.

Judge Alfredo Jaimes Terrazas had to "break the tie" because previously the two members of the court opted one in favor of the appeal and the other against.

Evo will not be a candidate after

participating in elections for 30 years.

"Under threats and process pressure, the adjudicator made an illegal and unconstitutional political decision. History shows that they



able to disqualify Evo, but they will not be able to outlaw the people,

" Morales reacted, words very similar to those used by Correa.

Morales is going through his worst moments in


, after adding to the accusations of terrorism and sedition several accusations for maintaining alleged relationships with minors.

The scandal has shaken the electoral campaign that is already taking place in Bolivia, which at the end of next month will experience the first electoral round in search of a new president.

"We salute the pre-eminence of the decision of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the only body with legitimacy to decide on electoral issues," said the centrist Carlos Mesa, whom the polls place as a rival of the MAS candidate, the former Minister of Economy Luis Arce, ahead of the November election.

"We stopped the MAS on two occasions and we have done it with the law in hand, without violence and without confrontations," boasted the interim president, Jeanine Áñez, who appears in third place according to the polls.

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