The Emirati League for Resisting Normalization confirmed yesterday evening, Monday, that the peoples ’refusal makes the normalization of Arab and Gulf states with Israel“ worthless. ”

This came in an electronic seminar broadcast by the League through its accounts on the communication sites under the title "Gulf Popular Resistance to Normalization with the Zionist Entity", with the participation of activists and academics from the Gulf countries.

Emirati activist Saeed Al-Tunaiji referred to historical positions in defense of the Palestinian cause, considering that the announcement of the so-called peace agreement between the UAE and Israel restored cohesion between the Palestinian factions.

He added that the Palestinian and Arab people will not abandon their cause, whatever the circumstances and conditions.

On his perception of the Arab Gulf future after the Emirati-Israeli normalization, Al-Tunaiji said, "We count on popular steadfastness in the face of normalization."

He proposed several means to confront normalization, including the artistic and literary movement, investing in popular rejection of communication platforms, expanding the base of those who reject normalization rather than limiting it to Islamists, and uniting with the movements that reject normalization.

For his part, the former member of the Bahraini Parliament, Nasser Al-Fadala, said that the land of Palestine is intended to be forgotten and taken from the Arab nation through this normalization, adding, "But any normalization without popular consent has no value or power," stressing that official normalization lacks popular legitimacy.

In turn, Saudi academic Saeed bin Al-Ghamdi said that "normalization with this Zionist entity is a great danger."

The association was launched - according to its website - on August 22, after US President Donald Trump announced on the 13th of the same month that the UAE and Israel reached a normalization agreement between them.

The association - which consists of a group of Emirati intellectuals and academics - aims to double the level of awareness among citizens, to warn of the danger of mutual cooperation with Israel.