The barons of the PP need economic certainty.

In full recession, they demand a "budget commitment" from the


, because the regional accounts for 2021 depend on the state accounts.

It is not that they verbalize their support for

Pedro Sánchez's


in any case, but that they demand measures that depend on the Budgets: advances of European funds, more financing for education, a new anti-Covid fund, more deficits or knowing how much they will be able to spend in 2021.

In this indirect way, they are pressing for the great unknown about whether or not there will be Budgets, and with what support or assignments, is cleared.

In the baronies consulted by EL MUNDO they are clear: the Government has to do its "homework" and give them "budgetary tools."

"The autonomous communities need State Budgets to be able to do ours", underlines a regional president of the PP.

Moncloa ensures that all these "requests" would be easier if Pablo Casado wanted to negotiate the 2021 Accounts for the sake of recovery.


Genoa they

assure that the problem is that they have not received "not even a paper" on said law.

In any case, the regional presidents of the PP are pulling the budget thread.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of


, has asked the Government to know the economic forecasts for 2021, "to be able to advance in the budgets" of his community.

The spending ceiling and the executive macro table are two fundamental tools for the regional governments.

And they go hand in hand with the Budgets.

This month a Council on Fiscal and Financial Policy will be held, in which the PP Finance councilors will ask for those figures to be given to them.

Moncloa is not clear if it will.

Feijóo also calls for "a budget commitment" for 2021 in education, since communities will have to make an effort to strengthen public schools in the midst of a pandemic.

Fernando López Miras thinks the same: "We assume the declaration on education but we ask that a budget commitment for 2021 be reflected."

"The pandemic will not end in December and it is necessary that there may be more funds and that they can be made available in 2021," added the president of the

Region of Murcia


In addition, the barons of the PP ask for "objective criteria" for the distribution of funds granted to

Spain by


European Commission


And they are concerned that that money will not be received until mid-2021.

For this reason, the President of


, Juanma Moreno, has requested that the Government give advances to the Autonomous Communities, "given the expectations that European funds have been generated" by citizens and companies.

Sánchez is going to study it.

The president of

Castilla y León

, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, insists on this line of "budget commitment."

It asks for "guarantees" on account deliveries for 2021, a "broader" deficit objective, such as that of

the Basque Country

(2.5% of regional GDP) and that "European funds are distributed according to objective criteria."

In addition, it calls for "a new anti Covid fund for 2021".

Mañueco has signed a pact against the virus that could serve as a budgetary germ.

The reproaches between the PSOE and the PP have removed that possibility, but it is not ruled out.

And in Andalusia,

Susana Díaz

offers support to Andalusian budgets if Moreno shields public services.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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