The entrance to a courtroom within the Assize Court of Ille-et-Vilaine, in Rennes.


C. Allain / 20 Minutes

They will be two on the dock.

A man and his partner, aged 39 and 38 respectively, will be tried all week before the Morbihan Assize Court in Vannes.

They are accused of having killed and dismembered a 38-year-old man on the night of January 27 to 28, 2017 in Merland, reports

Le Télégramme


To celebrate his release from prison, the couple had invited the victim for an evening at their home.

The opportunity for the guest to see his former cellmate again.

But the reunion had turned into horror.

Against a background of alcohol and hard drugs, the evening had degenerated when the couple had sought to extort the bank card and the code of their guest.

The latter was then violently beaten before being stabbed several times.

His body was then dismembered before being partially burned in the fireplace.

The two defendants blame each other

It was not until the day after the events that the companion went to the gendarmerie to denounce the facts and accuse her companion.

During the various interrogations, the two accused kept changing their version of the facts, accusing each other of having carried the fatal stab wounds.

Tried until Friday for "aggravated murder", they both face life imprisonment.


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