U.S. President Donald Trump, faced with reports of derogatory comments from veterans, angered the wife of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

President Trump tweeted on the 6th local time, stating that "Steve Jobs will not like that his wife is writing in a ruining legacy magazine."

He then criticized it as "a magazine that is run by scammers and emits'fake news' and'hate'."

We put parentheses next to the word'scammer' and even guided us to'Goldberg'.

It refers to Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of Atlantic, the US Newsletter, who reported President Trump's demeaning remarks on veterans.

The reason Steve Jobs' wife, Lauren Powell Jobs, suddenly became the target of criticism, seems to be because he has a significant stake in Atlantic.

President Trump tweeted in the form of commenting on a tweet by far-right commentator Charlie Kirk, who tweeted: “Lorran Powell Jobs donated at least $500,000 this year to Joe Biden's camp. Who has a significant stake in Atlantic. Do you know? Lauren Powell Jobs."

President Trump has vehemently denied Atlantic reports that he referred to and degraded veterans as "losers" and "hogu," but it is a difficult situation.

The Atlantic report was directed by the editor-in-chief of Goldberg, and major US media such as The Washington Post (WP) and Fox News followed the report after a separate verification process with reporters.

After Steve Jobs' death in October 2011, Lauren Powell Jobs was soon ranked in the top 100 in the world based on Forbes' assets.

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