When Deputy National Police Chief Mats Löfving was interviewed in Ekot's Saturday interview, there was a lot of focus on the police's work with organized crime.

- Right now we have at least 40 family-based criminal networks in Sweden, so-called clans.

They have come to Sweden, I claim, solely for the purpose of organizing and systematizing crime, says Löfving.

SD's legal policy spokesman Adam Marttinen tweeted after the interview that immigration must be stopped and a radical deportation policy is needed.

Something that even M stands for.

- What is required now is that the rule of law steps forward in a completely different way than before, says the Moderates' legal policy spokesman Johan Forssell in SVT's Report, and also calls for stricter penalties and greater opportunities for digital surveillance.

V: The government has failed

The Left Party's Linda Snecker draws completely different conclusions.

- The police can not do this work themselves.

Now the rest of society is needed.

We must have a strong school and a social service that is there together with the police.

Here, the government has failed, she says.

According to Interior Minister Mikael Damberg (S), the government is actively working to resolve the problem.

In a statement to SVT, he writes that more police, new tools, tougher penalties and joint government work "are needed to break the gangs".

"The police do their utmost every day.

But that will not be enough.

More people must now listen to the police's message: the whole society must join in ”.