• African migrant found dead in Cannes on a French train from Italy: electrocuted

  • Migrant found dead on freight train from Serbia


06 September 2020A 24-year-old Afghan was found dead in the hold of a ferry from Greece, the Cruise Europa of the Minoan line, which arrived in Ancona.

It was around 5 pm when the alarm was raised on board.

The lifeless body, already rigid, was in the ferry garage where the temperature reaches 50 degrees.

The young man would have died of asphyxiation.

This is the first hypothesis even if investigations are underway.

It is believed that the death dates back to many hours ago, while the ferry, which left Patras, with a stop in Igoumenitsa, was sailing. They are also trying to figure out if the young man got on board hidden in some truck. 118 and yellow cross intervened on the spot. The border police proceed to investigate. For the removal of the body, the go-ahead from the magistrate of the turn was awaited. The discovery of the body took place shortly before the procession for the Ancona Sea Festival started at dock 11, right next to the ferry dock, this year without fireworks and without a stand for the Covid emergency.