Marine Le Pen at the National Gathering Summer School, September 6, 2020 in Fréjus (Var).



The RN has also made its political comeback.

Marine Le Pen promised this Sunday in Fréjus to fight "barbarism", emphasizing more than ever insecurity.

The boss of the National Rally also attacked the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, called "Taubira in worse".

"It is a real barbarism that is setting in", or "with barbarism, we do not negotiate, we fight it", launched the president of the National Assembly and already declared candidate for the presidential election, during a virulent speech in front of an audience reduced to nearly 400 elected officials, journalists and activists, coronavirus requires.

"It's Taubira worse"

"This summer was a murderous summer, (...) as if the inexhaustible promise of living together turned against its promoters in power", "more occupied in making people believe than doing", added the far-right leader .

Marine Le Pen was alluding to several violent news items this summer, seen by her party as a "savage" of society, a term used by several ministers and leaders of the right.

The Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti had denounced in this regard a "populist escalation", explaining that France was "not a cut-throat".

In Fréjus, Marine Le Pen exhausted the Keeper of the Seals, whistled several times by the room, who "denies reality".

"It's Taubira [Christiane Taubira, Socialist Minister of Justice under François Hollande] for the worse".

The Minister of Justice retaliates on Twitter

The Minister of Justice quickly retaliated on Twitter.

"Marine le Pen is his father in worse", he replied, estimating that the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen "shamelessly lied and [that he] would prove it to the French".

Madame Le Pen lies shamelessly and I will prove it to the French.

More and more strong words and more and more populist ideas.

Almost 40 years after its abolition, she talks again about the death penalty.

Marine le Pen is her father at worst.

Nothing new under the Fréjus sun.

- Eric Dupond-Moretti (@E_DupondM) September 6, 2020

In "ultraviolence", Marine Le Pen saw "partly a consequence of the anarchic and uncontrolled immigration imposed on the French for years".

The head of the RN has promised to restore "a triple certainty: the certainty of prosecution", "of sanctions", and "of the execution of the sentence".

"Impunity is over, fictitious sentences are over, the prison daycare is over."

A new slogan, "French awake"

“The ideological battle has been won for years.

What we are waiting for is political victory, ”Marine Le Pen stressed on Saturday, sending back to back the right and the government, who have“ done nothing ”.

In front of the slogan "French awake", the finalist of the presidential election of 2017 invited the abstainers to vote for her, after having castigated the day before an LR party in "ideological porosity" with the head of state.

In this regard, she promised to "remove certain ambiguities" when right-wing voters "believe that the RN's economic program is the same" as that of rebellious France, even if she still defends retirement at 60 with 40 annuities.

Marine Le Pen praises "localism"

The mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard, elected with the support of the RN, estimates in the weekly Le Point that Marine Le Pen is "not in a position to win" in 2022 because she holds "very leftist analyzes".

Marine Le Pen also warned against an economic and social fall that could also be "murderous" and praised an "other model" based on "localism", after having denounced in July "the fiasco" of the management of the health crisis by the government in a Black Book.

A party in financial difficulty

Marine Le Pen thus intends to occupy all the political space to face Emmanuel Macron again in the second round of the presidential election, in 2002, even if the French are 68% not to wish this duel, according to Ifop.

It is also for her to revive her troops, after disappointing municipal elections, for the senatorial, departmental and regional elections to come.

But the head of the RN, like the number 2 of the party Jordan Bardella, will not run for the regional and always "thinks" of leaving the reins of the party to devote himself to the presidential election.

If his boss is already on his way to 2022, the RN does not show him the same momentum as before the last presidential election, according to the admission of several elected officials.

The party, in financial difficulty, targeted by an investigation and lacking members, "has become skeletal" and there is "deep unease on the ground", reports one of them, especially since the update. 'gap of members of the national investiture commission close to the former deputy Marion Maréchal.


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