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typhoon is now bringing strong rain and wind in Kyushu, Japan.

As the night of today (6th) is expected to be at its peak, Japanese authorities instructed residents to evacuate quickly.

This is Yoo Seong-jae's correspondent from Tokyo.

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heavy rain and wind has hit me, so I can't see one inch ahead.

The van in the parking lot is pushed by the wind and shakes endangeredly from side to side.

In the Amami Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture, which was directly affected by the typhoon during the daytime, an instantaneous maximum wind speed of 38.1 m was observed.

[Local hotel manager: The wind was strong enough to shake the building quite a


.] In

Yakushima, which is a little closer to Kyushu, the maximum wind speed increased to 44.8m per second at 4pm, and heavy rains exceeding 120mm per hour overlapped 6,574 About 12,000 households and residents were evacuated.

Although the typhoon'High Line' has not developed into a special warning level, the storm area is expected to be wider than expected, and the entire Kyushu area is expected to be affected by the typhoon tonight and tomorrow morning.

Japan's disaster prevention authorities issued an evacuation order for 800,000 households and 1.67 million people in six prefectures, including Kagoshima and Miyazaki, and requested that the residents of nearby areas do not hesitate to evacuate.

[Nakamoto/Japan Meteorological Agency Forecast Manager: There is no change in the need to evacuate quickly in areas where typhoons are approaching.]

Due to concerns about corona infection, some residents went to accommodation facilities such as hotels instead of shelters provided by local governments.

[Escape residents: It may be a life threat, so go to an empty hotel (evacuate.)] In the

southern part of Kyushu, now is the high tide time.

There is a possibility that the river flows backward due to waves of 10m or more, and the tension has reached its peak.

(Video coverage: Moon Hyun-jin, video editing: Jang Hyun-ki)

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