In addition to Ljusdal, there have been car meetings in Arbrå, Bollnäs, Hudiksvall, Söderhamn, Hassela, Bergsjö and Delsbo, among others.

The invitations to the car meetings are sent out in closed groups on social media and the meetings become a form of party place.

"A lot of alcohol"

The police presence has increased during the spring and summer and they are on site to ensure that no one is injured and that no crimes are committed.

- There is a lot of alcohol, unfortunately many minors who drink, says Karl von Krusenstjerna, local police area manager in Hälsingland.

At previous meetings, there has also been suspicion of drug dealing, bus driving and broken car windows.

Ahead of Saturday's car meeting in Ljusdal, the police issued a sharp warning and urged parents to keep an eye on their children and visit the car meeting themselves to get a picture of what is happening on the spot.

Volunteer night walkers were on site

In addition to the police, there were also about 20 volunteer night hikers on site.

- I have a 16-year-old son who is here tonight, that's why I'm here, says Tomas Persson, who belongs to the night hikers in Ljusdal.

- So far I have been to three car meetings as a night walker.

We are here as a security for the young people if something should happen.

But it's not just alcohol and loud music at car shows.

Many young people and the night walkers themselves describe the atmosphere as good and that many are happy.

- But if something should happen or the atmosphere should change, we are there and help, says Tomas Persson.