06 September 2020He was on award leave and had to return to prison at noon, but he has not returned to Bancali.

Giuseppe Mastini, 60, the life prisoner known as Johnny the Gypsy has escaped once again.

He was imprisoned since July 2017 in the maximum security prison of Sassari, after the previous evasion that took place on June 30, 2017, from the penitentiary of Fasano (Cuneo).

Also on that occasion he had gone out, enjoying the semi-liberty regime, and had not returned.

The same thing happened today: a search note was sent out to all law enforcement agencies. 

Giuseppe Mastini, whose nickname is linked to his Sinti origins, has a long trail of blood behind him since the late seventies. His first murder dates back to when he was only eleven. He had also been involved in the investigation into the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini. In the Eighties he sowed terror in Rome.His first escape dates back to 1987 when, taking advantage of a prize license, he did not return to prison and became the protagonist of numerous criminal acts: thefts, robberies, but also the kidnapping of a girl Silvia Leonardi , the murder of the security guard, Michele Giraldi, and the wounding of a brigadier of the carabinieri, Bruno Nolfi. He was captured two years later.