At the height of the blessed Eid al-Adha, residents of the capital and major cities in Algeria woke up to power and drinking water cuts, and the heat trapped them due to the intense fire emanating from forest fires, while their suffering continued with the scarcity of financial liquidity in post centers and some banks.

The government's response to these incidents was not late, as Prime Minister Abdelaziz Jarad went out to inform the Algerians about "uncovering a plot to create sedition," stressing that what happened was an act of action. Rather, he stated that "there are those who tried to prevent the entry and exit of liquid trucks to and from institutions." Financial. "

Weeks ago, the government had previously accused parties it described as instigating the chaos - without specifying her identity - of being behind the confusion of the health sector, and it held it responsible for throwing the corpses of Corona victims out of hospitals to incite citizens.

Meanwhile, President Abdel Majid Tebboune announced - during the last cabinet meeting - the dismantling of a network involved in destroying electrical poles in the wilaya of Bouira (100 kilometers east of the capital), to order the government to expedite the completion of the ongoing investigations into all the incidents and imbalances that occurred in recent weeks, and to inform Public opinion on their results.

Abdel Majid Tebboune announced the dismantling of a network involved in smashing electric poles (Al-Jazeera)

The challenges and risks of

these dangerous indicators that exacerbated the state of congestion resulting from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, the speech of the counter-revolution suddenly floated to the fore, which was stated for the first time by an official, represented by the first president of the Supreme Court, Abd al-Rashid Tabbi, who confirmed last Sunday that "Algeria is witnessing A revolution against the gains of the popular movement. "

Along these lines, the "National Forces for Reform Initiative" - ​​announced this Tuesday - formulated its opening speech, in which its representative, Abdul Qadir bin Quraina, said, "Our country is still facing difficult challenges and risks in the way of completing the path of safe democratic transformation and strengthening the completion of institutional legitimacy, due to the presence of wills. And counter forces that want to obstruct the national path of reform, and are working to restore Algeria to a system of hegemony and corruption.

On the other hand, the actors in the movement reject the authority's justifying rhetoric, and explain what is happening with the inability to manage public affairs. Rather, they describe the practices of the new regime as the actual counter-revolution, which, according to observers, raises a fundamental question about its features, who is the true suspect of its fabrication, and who benefits from it?

Abdelkader Berich: The deep state and the former regime's "lobbies", French and secularism obstruct reforms in Algeria (Al-Jazeera Net)

Off decisions

and interaction with those questions, said the

coordinator of the

"National Initiative for peaceful change ,

" Abdel Qader gratin The counter -

revolution is

reflected in the

manifestations of

bureaucracy and the

forces of

resistance to

reform entrenched in the

various organs of the

State, as many of the

decisions taken at the

highest levels do not find the implementation of

its way Ground.

He considered that this creates a gap between the political discourse at the top of the hierarchy of the state and the daily reality of the citizen, "which makes it lose confidence and credibility, and this is what the President of the Republic indicated that bureaucratic forces obstruct government decisions."

Berich said in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net that the counter-revolution is led by a network of economic and financial interests at home and abroad, and "which benefited from the situation during the period of the corrupt Bouteflika regime."

He stressed that it "wants to put the stick in the wheel of reforms that the president intends to undertake, especially on the economic side, to dry up the sources of rent and privileges that they used to acquire to plunder public money."

Pressure groups 

also considered that the counter-revolution is led by people, and behind them foreign intelligence, believes that the new direction of the authority does not serve its interests and reduces its influence in Algeria, and here the speaker refers to "the French lobby that was dominating the political and economic decision in particular, under the regime." the previous".

Berich added that the opposing forces are led by the remnants of the deep state allied with secular currents linked to foreign agendas, "after they failed to impose their agenda to disrupt the constitutional path in favor of the transitional period."

Moreover, Beresh accuses activists in the movement and human rights defenders of activating the counter-revolution in order to bully the street and undermine the gains of change after overthrowing Bouteflika's rule and following up on the "gang" and its imprisoned heads, as he put it.

Nasser Hammadouche: The new authority does not represent the popular movement (Al Jazeera Net)

The role of the victim

However, the parliamentarian for the "Society of Peace" movement, Nasser Hammadouche, refuses to elaborate and sentence on the pretext of authority, considering the allegation that the fires, electricity and water cuts, cash flow and the cutting off of oxygen to hospitals is a plot targeting the new authority and a counter-revolution against it;

In his opinion, it represents political naivety, bad direction and the manipulation of emotions of public opinion.

He said, "The authority wants to play the role of the victim to justify failure and failure and situations of chaos and improvisation in running simple and capable crises," stressing that "it is assumed that the people are frank with the truth of what is happening, not tampering with their feelings and talking with talismans and riddles", before asking: "Is it reasonable not to. It is simply revealed who caused these repeated disasters nearly two months ago?

On the other hand, Hammadouche considered in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net that the new authority in Algeria does not represent the popular movement, is not an extension of it, and is not working to achieve its demands, and “the draft constitution revealed that it is the one that represents the political reaction, the coup situation and the counter-revolution to the blessed movement,” as he put it. .

Hammadouche believes that the authority is working to create an artificial internal enemy, to facilitate the sale of its illusions to the outside, to justify its coups against democracy, to manipulate political reforms, and to violate human rights and freedoms, to liquidate opponents and competitors, and to replace popular legitimacy with the legitimacy of combating this internal ghost through a conspiracy theory.

He added that the intense idea of ​​the counter-revolution is a naive deception by riding the populist discourse, which is usually based on haste to accuse the peaceful popular revolution of being a cosmic conspiracy and foreign agendas, driven by foreign hands and bearing suspicious goals, while the political system represents the summit of dependence on the external factor and the organic alliance with international powers an enemy Arab peoples, and the opponent of freedom and democracy to them, as he described.