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  • Coronavirus.Miguel Bosé called to support the protest against masks in Madrid from Mexico

  • Saga: The Kennedy family: sex, drugs and a vaccine, 20 years after John John died

"Ich bin ein berliner" (I am also a Berliner).

John F. Kennedy

left for posterity an

appointment with which he conquered the Germans of West Berlin on June 26, 1963


Now it is another Kennedy who has appropriated her to become the hero of the Covid deniers.

Robert F. Jr.

(66), environmental lawyer and son of Bobby Kennedy, has resorted to the same scenario and the same appointment to put conspiracy Berliners in his pocket, like Miguel Bosé.

His last name, yes, has much more pull than that of the son of Luis Miguel Dominguín and crosses borders.

Aware of this, followers of conspiracy theories have turned to him to lead

their particular war against Bill Gates, vaccines and 5G.

Robert Jr. was the star of the demonstration

held in the German capital on August 29 with 18,000 enthusiastic followers who, without masks and glued to each other, cheered and cheered each of his words

against "global totalitarianism"

and the " lies "about the pandemic.

The nephew of the former American president had no qualms about emulating his uncle with

continuous references to Nazism

and freedom.

During his speech, he accused governments of "loving pandemics as they love wars" and of using Covid to bring 5G "to all communities to control the population."

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The fifth generation of mobile telephony is one of its workhorses, as are vaccines.

In June he led 5GSummit, a

virtual summit

with supposed experts to

demonstrate the evils of 5G,


Miguel Bosé publicized


He is also a

prominent leader in the anti-vaccine movement

and a staunch enemy of the owner of Microsoft.

"For Bill Gates, vaccines are a

strategic philanthropy

that fuels all his businesses related to


, including Microsoft's ambition to control a global microchip vaccine identification company," he wrote on his Instagram account.

If your uncle raised his head ...

Conspiracies aside, Robert is a worthy Kennedy, with a life full of drama.

Belonging to the clan with the

most illustrious last name in the United States

takes that toll and he has paid it too.

He was 9 when his uncle was fatally shot in Dallas and 14 when his father, Bobby Kennedy, was assassinated while running for the 1968 Democratic presidential primary. Robert is

the third of eleven children born

to the United States Senator and Attorney General. he had with his wife, Ethel.

Like his many siblings and cousins, he has remained true to the family legacy, with a brilliant career as a lawyer and writer, summers on the cover of


in Hyannis Port, and

skirt-to-head messes

, something that seems intrinsic to the Kennedy's male side.

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Like his parents, Robert has also been very prolific: he

has six children, the

fruit of two marriages.

The first of them, with Emily Ruth Black (66), ended in divorce 12 years after going through the altar.

With Emily he had two children:

Bobby III

(36) and



The eldest, married to a former CIA agent, has followed the family tradition and named his first daughter

Bobby IV.

The same year as his divorce, Robert Jr. married Mary Richardson, an architect who

ended up committing suicide

after a bloody custody battle for her four children:






(23) and


(19). ).

The couple was in the process of separation and

Robert wanted to have sole custody of the children

, then minors.

He got a judge to order the


visitation restriction

while he began an affair with actress Cheryl Hines.

Mary, humiliated by the display of her husband's new relationship, ended up in a depression.

In debt and intoxicated

, she also began to abuse medications and drugs.

One day in May 2012,

she was found hanged

from one of the rafters of the barn on the family farm in Bedford, New York.

She was 52 years old.

Robert continued his relationship with Cheryl Hines

(52), an actress best known for her role on the HBO series

Curb Your Enthusiasm,

whom he

met while skiing in Canada


In 2014 they were married, as Kennedy's tradition dictates, in their mother's home in Hiannys Port, with the entire clan as a witness.

His children have not followed the conspiracy path of the father

, although some have already become famous.

Connor and Kyra have appeared in the coated role, the first, handsome like his uncle, had a relationship with Taylor Swift and his sister, model and


is part of Snap Pack and Rich Kids of Instagram, social groups made up of rich young people.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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