China News Service, September 4th. Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the evening of September 3, local time, about 300 people gathered near Times Square in Manhattan, the United States, to hold a demonstration, demanding that Daniel Prude, an African-American man (Daniel Prude) The case of suffocating death after being arrested by the US police will go to a fair trial.

During this period, a car rushed into the protest crowd and injured three people.

  The Russian satellite network reported that demonstrators placed bicycles on the road in an attempt to block traffic on a street.

A black vehicle first stopped in front of a temporary barrier, but then started and passed through the crowd, resulting in minor injuries to three protesters.

  US NY1 News Television reported that two people may be injured.

Fire officials told the TV station that no one was taken to the hospital.

  A New York police spokesperson said that the driver was not far from Times Square at the time and attended a rally in support of President Trump.

New York police posted on social media that the accident is under investigation.

  In March, in Rochester, New York, an African-American man Prudder died of suffocation after being arrested by the police.

On the day of the incident, the New York police received a report that an African-American man with mental problems was running naked on the street.

Afterwards, the police came to the scene and brought Prud under control.

  The autopsy report showed that the Monroe County forensic doctor determined that Prud's death was caused by suffocation complications caused by physical restraint.

The autopsy report also pointed out that "extreme excitement" and acute poisoning caused by some drugs are also one of the causes of death.

On September 3, the seven police officers involved were suspended.